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世博园单日游客达到54万创新高 - The Number of Visitors to the Expo Site in a Single Day has Reached 540,000, Producing a New Record print version
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因为高考结束和端午节开始,6月以来, 到上海世界博览会每天都人越来越多。 15日,到晚上8点,那天到世博园的人达到了54.67万,创造了新的纪录。

15日早上7点,记者在世博园6号门看到,已经有很多人在等候。 下午3点, 记者在世博园B、C两个地区看到, 不但平时很受欢迎的"热门馆"门前有很多人在等,就连平时不受欢迎的"冷门馆"门前也有很多人在等。 所以,现在已经没有"冷门馆"了。


根据上海世博会计算, 到6月14日14点30分,上海世博会的第45天,来世博会的人已经到了1401.72万。

Because the College Entrance Examinations have ended and the Dragon Boat Festival has just began, since June the number of visitor to the World Expo is increasing daily. On the 15th, 8pm, the number of visitors to the fair has reached 546,700 people, producing a new record.

At 7am on the 15th, reporters in gate number 6 in the Expo Site have noticed that a big crowd is already waiting. At 3 at the afternoon, reporters in both B and C regions of the Expo site have noticed that many people were waiting not only in front of the normally popular ‘hot visitor pavilions' gate, but also in front of the ‘cold visitor pavilions' Therefore now there are no more 'cold visitor pavilions'.

The Shanghai Expo Committee has calculated that the number of media personnel who arrived to the Expo fair may have reached between 400000 and 450000. The peak may have been 6000000 visitors.

According to calculations made by Shanghai's Expo Committee, until 14:30 on June 14th, during the first 45 days of the Expo, the total number of visitors to the fair has reached 14017200.


世博 (shìbó) - short for 世界博览会 (shìjièbólǎnhuì) - The World's Fair (‘Expo'), held once in 2-5 years. Expo 2010 is held in Shanghai (1/5 - 31/10)
高考 (gāokǎo) - The National College Entrance Examination, held throughout the country in the end of the school year
端午节 (duānwǔjié ) - ‘The Dragon Boat Festival' held in the 5th day of the 5th lunar month (hence also called the double 5th  ), commemorating the life of Qu Yuan 屈原, a scholar for the Warring States Period.
"热门馆" (rèménguǎn) , "冷门馆" (lěngménguǎn) - As the word ‘hot' 热 also means popular (热门 meaning ‘in high demand') here "热门馆" means ‘popular pavilions' while "冷门馆" (literally meaning ‘cold pavilions') means least popular ones.

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