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网民热敬佩“最美司机”吴斌 - Netizens admire "most virtuous driver" Wu Bin print version
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A new hero in the Chinese hearts is Wu Bin, 48, a Hangzhou bus driver who died in an accident several days ago. Wu Bin was severely hit by a metal object while he was driving 24 passengers, and in that crucial moment he managed to slow down, brake the car and evacuate the passengers. As in many dramatic news events in China, this scene was video-recorded and broadcasted, reinforcing Wu Bin's legacy and the example he sets in terms of dedication towards one's duty.

杭州(Hangzhou)"最美司机"[1]吴斌(Wu Bin)的英雄事迹[2]成为网络热点[3]。网友[4]把对吴斌的哀思[5]和佩服[6]之情表达出来,触动了更多人。许多网友表示,"最美司机"吴斌虽已死亡,但他的精神却给人们带来启示[7]。



The heroic deed of Wu Bin, Hangzhou's most virtuous driver, has become an internet hotspot. Netizens expressed their feelings of grief and admiration, touching many people. Many netizens say that although Wu Bin passed away, his spirit inspires them.

In a situation where he was taken by surprise, Wu Bin managed to brake the car, shift gears, pull the arm brake and stop the vehicle completely. According to explanations of the policemen who handled this accident, when one is hit so suddenly in his liver it is extremely difficult to stably stop a vehicle. When the event took place, Wu Bin's left hand did not let go of the steering wheel from beginning to end. Wu Bin did not think about saving himself, but opened the vehicle's door. He got up to evacuate the passengers and even told them: "everybody don't panic, be careful from other cars."

A netizen named "living in present tense" uploaded this video on his Weibo account and commented: "he is a normal person that works with me at the same job. Can we all hold on to our duty in a dangerous moment and spare no effort fulfilling our responsibility?" Netizen "Apollo" wrote that the spirit of respecting work is the most simple of ethics, but it is also the most sublime of them all. If one respects one's own work, then one is also devoted towards other people and society."


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The video of the accident can be watched here

[1] "最美司机" zuì měi sījī - 'Most virtuous driver', the new nickname of Wu Bin ('美' means 'beautiful', but it can also signify 'virtuous' or 'good')

[2] 英雄事迹 yīngxióng shìjì - Heroic deed

[3] 热点 rè diǎn - Hotspot

[4] 网友 wǎng yǒu - Netizen, internet user

[5] 哀思 āisī - Grief

[6] 佩服 pèifú - Admiration

[7] 启示 qǐshì - Inspiration

[8] 猝不及防 cù bùjí fang - Taken by surprise

[9] 刹车 shāchē - Brake a vehicle

[10]换挡 huàn dǎng - Change gears

[11]手刹 shǒushā - Hand brake

[12] 民警 mínjǐng - Policemen

[13] 肝脏 gānzàng - Liver

[14] 方向盘 fāngxiàng pán - Steering wheel

[15] 自救 zì jiù - Save oneself

[16] 疏散 shūsàn - Evacuate

[17] 视频 shìpín - Video

[18] 竭尽全力 jiéjìnquánlì - Sparing no effort

[19] 敬业精神 jìng yè jīngshen - The spirit of respecting work

[20] 道德 dàodé - Moral, ethic

[21] 崇高 chónggāo - Sublime

[22] 奉献 fèngxiàn - Tribute, devotion

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