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The Curse of the Noodles 23-11-2011
The story of Lanzhou Lamian, the popular noodle chain, from the perspective of Maysoon, a loyal, yet curious, noodle eater.
The Taxi Chat - The questions foreigners constantly get in China 27-06-2011
A taxi or actually any meeting with a Chinese stranger. If you can navigate with some Chinese there are a few questions that somehow all Chinese never miss asking. Questions that any foreigner who settled in China heard for about 1.3 billion times.
Waffle opening in the food market – A new flavor which dazzles students 25-04-2011
A 60 years old lady has recently joined a bustling food alley in one of the cities in Shandong province. Surrounded by bao zi (filled steam bun) stands and restaurants of la mian (spicy noodle soup), yang rou tang (lamb meat soup) and tudou fen (potato noodles soup), she offers a new snack - Sweet waffle. The success of the new taste was completely unprecedented...
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