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明年退休人员养老金月人均增加140元 - The Monthly Average Old-Age Pension will be Raised by 140RMB Next Year print version
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国务院总理[1]温家宝 22日主持召开国务院常务会议[2],决定继续提高企业退休人员基本养老金[3]。会议决定,自2011年1月1日起,继续提高企业退休人员基本养老金水平,提高幅度按2010年企业退休人员月人均基本养老金的10%左右确定,全国月人均增加140元左右。





State Council Prime Minister Wen Jiabao has directed a State Council routine conference on the 22nd, resolving in continuing with the raising of the basic old-age pension of enterprise retired staff members. The conference decided that from January 1st, 2011, and on, the basic old age pension level of enterprise retired members will continue to rise, rising by a range of about 10% in the basic old-age pension a month, per capita. The national monthly pension per capita will thus be increased by about 140RMB.

1. Staff registered in cities and town which haven't joined collective enterprises insurance and by 31/12/2010 have passed or exceeded the legal retirement age, can pay the basic 15 years old age insurance fee,at one time, and be provided basic old-age insurance.

2. In case of staff members who paid the fee standard, but belong to places which didn't execute the insurance system, whose bearing capacities and age situation can be reasonably determined - Work units with proper conditions are encouraged to provide such members with proper subsidization.

3. Staff members registered in cities and towns that haven't participated in the insurance collective enterprise and  who haven't achieved legal retirement age by 31/12/2010, should participate in paying the insurance fee normally, according to the regulations.

In order to relieve the difficulty that the rising of prices added upon family households and the pressure brought about the studies which students go through, the State Council has decided that from the fall semester this year and on, (1) the average standard of financial aid which students of ordinary and high schools receive from the state will be raised from 2000RMB to 3000RMB, extending to 4300000 students, who come from household with economic problems, consisting 20% of student enrollment; (2) expanding the range of vocational education students who are excused from paying tuition fees, a policy which would be enjoyed by 4400000 vocational school students from households which experience financial problems, consisting 22% of student enrollment; (3) establishing a system of financial aid fro ordinary senior middle school students from household with financial problems. The annual average 1500RMB provided as a financial aid government grant will extend and cover 4820000 students, consisting 20% of the total student enrollments.

[1] 国务院总理 guówùyuàn zǒnglǐ- Prime Minister of the State Council (Wen Jiabao), the chief administrative authority in the PRC.

[2] 国务院常务会议 guówùyuàn chángwù huìyì - 'State Council routine conference', one type of State Council meetings, usually taken place once a week and directed by prime-minister Wen Jiabao.

[3] 养老金 yǎnglǎojīn - Old-age pension.

[4] 退休年龄 tuìxiū niánlíng - Retirement age, mostly based on a law from 1978. For common workers the retirement age for men is 60 years, while 50 years for women.

[5] 户籍  hùjí - Census or permanent residence registration.

[6] 国家助学金  guójiā zhù xué jīn - 'State financial study aid', money or scholarship provided by the government to subsidize a student's studies.

[7] 在校生 zàixiàoshēng - Student enrollment, or enrollment fee.

[8] 中等职业教育 zhōngděng zhíyè jiàoyù - 'Medium (or secondary) vocational education', referring institutes which allow student to acquire technology related and special manual skills, including colleges, special high schools and short term training programs.  

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