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师傅收购百事可乐,将取代可口可乐成为市场的首位 - Master Kong is about to purchase Pepsi China and replace Coca Cola in the market's first position print version
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康师傅(Master Kong, a leading Chinese enterprise of soft drinks)收购百事可乐(Pepsi Cola)内地业务将获得商务部(China's Department of Commerce) 批准[1],康师傅和百事合作后,两者的市场份额[2]达到19.9%,将取代可口可乐(Coca Cola),成为软饮料[3]市场的首位。



After the Department of Commerce approves the purchase of Pepsi Cola (China) by Master Kong and the two companies start to cooperate, their combined market share will reach 19.9%. Together they will replace Coca Cola in the first place of the soft drinks' market.

Executive director of the Master Kong, Wei Yingjiao, said that if the purchase succeeds it will make the products of Master Kong more plentiful and more importantly, it will help to open the gap in the competition with rivals Coca Cola. At present, Master Kong's revenues in China are 1.2 times those of Coca Cola. The expected approval by the Department of Commerce will bring this gap up to 1.7.

Along with the hope that China becomes the world's biggest soft drink market, Pepsi Cola has the option to increase its indirect shares in Master Kong drinking products by 2015 up to 20%. Nevertheless, at present the transaction still requires an agreement upon several terms before it becomes effective, including the approval of the Department of Commerce and passing the shareholders' meeting.

                                         Master Kong's cold tea, one of its most popular drinks

Original article published by 中国经营网

[1]批准 pīzhǔn- Examination & approval

[2] 市场份额 shìchǎng fèn é - market share

[3] 软饮料 ruǎn yǐnliào - Soft drinks

[4] 执行董 zhíxíng - Executive director

[5] 营收规模 yíngshōu guīmó - Revenues

[6] 有权决定 yǒu quán juédìng - The right to decide, a business option

[7] 间接持股jiànjiē chí gǔ - Indirect shares/stocks

[8] 交易 jiā oyì - Transaction

[9] 股东大会 gǔdōng dàhuì - Shareholders' meeting

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