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Foreign brands in China and their twofold approach to Chinese tradition 19-03-2012
Western brands in China often face a dilemma when adapting to the local culture. These brands gain popularity by symbolizing modernity and designing cultural trends, while on the other hand these enterprises wish to avoid clashes with traditional customs.
'Alcohol culture' – jiu wenhua – Drinking as a currency converted to friendship and successful business 11-02-2012
Each beer bottle brings friendship to a higher notch, every bottle of baijiu helps sealing a deal. Foreigners could be pardoned with the excuse of cultural differences, but Chinese masculine ties find reinforcement through oceans of Alcoholic spirit.
Tea and Business, Chit-Chat and Sales – The indirect ways of closing deals in China 04-03-2011
Though some Chinese companies may adopt more direct approaches, business deals in China often need to 'pass through' a comfortable friendly interaction, involving Chinese tea and breathing 'cultural scent', before reaching the bottom 'money line'.
Lost in Translation? 19-10-2010

English slogans for Chinese products are often directed at Chinese customers, who appreciate western sophistication, even when such titles are actually funny and meaningless English sentences.

The Laowai Effect – A Symbol of Quality in the Chinese Sky 13-10-2010
A Caucasian face among a Chinese crowd is often regarded as a symbol of quality, modernity and internationalism. The illusion that a white face can produce is very valuable in the Chinese economic sky.
China's Brand-Name Rush 27-09-2010
China's recent history and fast development hold some explanations for the prominent position of brand name products within the local economy, as well as the issues which lead so many Chinese consumers to well recognized logos.
Giving and Taking - The Art of Business Communication in China 28-07-2010

When attending a business meeting in China or simply communicating with a Chinese colleague, try not to think in terms of dichotomy between ethical and corrupted or professional and friendly, as it might be applied in the west.

Cultural Codes for Doing Business in China – Essential Knowledge or Overrated Stereotypes? 21-07-2010
As more and more business people find their way to China, more guides about the Chinese business culture are written. Advice about Chinese negotiation methods and business etiquette can prove to be valuable but perhaps some of us unnaturally stress the difference over the similarities.
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