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小悦悦事件引社会反思 - 'Little Yue Yue' incident has led to society introspection print version
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2 years old Yue Yue died this weekend, after remaining in critical conditions since she got hit by a vehicle over a week ago. Yue Yue was a victim of a hit-and-run accident, but also of public apathy. 18 passengers ignored injured Yue Yue, before someone asked for help. This event has shocked the Chinese society, which at present is continuing to introspect and discuss social values.



这一次,党委政府没有坐视不管[12],而是积极响应讨论。省委书记(secretary of the provincial party)指出,要认真反思出现悲剧[13]的根源,要创造一种扬善惩恶[14]的制度条件和社会环境。当前,由"小悦悦事件"引发的讨论仍在继续。保障这种理性讨论场的持续性,依靠出台相关制度,从政策层面保障公民与决策层[15]间的开放性互动。

In normal situations, the 'little Yue Yue' incident can resemble other sad incidents: After the public morale is recovered, the incident is quickly shattered by other news events. However, what is different in the 'little Yue Yue' incident is that through the high value given to the incident by CP committees, relevant departments and social organizations, which gradually deepen the discussion on this matter and promote society introspection. A scientific, positive and deep discussion realm has been created.

This is happening since the public, media and government have extensive interactions between one another. Through the wide-ranging media reports, the 'little Yue Yue' incident touched the hearts of all people. The initial discussion was only directed at expressing criticism against the passengers at the scene of the incident. Some media groups have promoted introspection through showing visual angels, castigating the apathy of society and discussing the problems of society.

In this situation, the CP and government didn't remain watching passively, but has rather positively responded this discussion. Secretary of the provincial party committee pointed out that we should seriously rethink the tragic root of the incident. A system and social environment of rewarding good deeds and punishing evil doers should be created. At this moment, the discussion evoked by the 'little Yue Yue' incident is still continuing. The continuation of this rational discussion realm depends on the formation of a corresponding system, creating policies that guarantee the open interaction between the citizens and policy makers.

Original article published by Nanfang Daily 南方日报 (

[1] "小悦悦"事件 xiǎo yuèyuè shìjiàn - 'Small Yue Yue' incident

[2] 平复 píngfù - Calm down

[3] 湮没 yānmò - Fall into oblivion, shatter

[4] 党委政府 dǎngwěi zhèngfǔ - CP committees and government

[5] 社会团体 shèhuì tuántǐ - Social organizations

[6] 反思 fǎnsī - Retrospection, rethinking

[7] 公众 gōngzhòng - Public

[8] 路人 lù rén - Passengers, the people who passed in the scene of incident while Yue Yue was lying injured

[9] 视角 shì jué - Visual angels

[10] 鞭挞 biāntà - Castigate, criticize

[11]社会冷漠 shèhuì lěngmò - Society's apathy, indifference

[12] 坐视不管 zuò shì bù guǎn - Sit watching, remain passive

[13] 悲剧 bēijù - Tragic

[14] 扬善惩恶 yáng shàn chéngè - Reward good deeds and punish evil doers

[15] 决策层 juécè céng - Policy makers

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