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“性感汉语”教学网站引争议 - Language website "Sexy Mandarin" draws wide attention print version
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Another proof that the world is learning to appreciate Chinese culture and language or a vulgar misrepresentation of the essence of Mandarin? Scholars and officials in China don't know what to make of the foreign website 'Sexy Mandarin' that doesn't apply any self-censorship in an attempt to recruit loyal 'students'

诺丁汉大学(Nottingham University)毕业生[1]、日本人(Japanese)菊地薫不久前推出了一个"性感汉语"('Sexy Mandarin')网上语言学校。教师是身穿比基尼(Bikini)的模特,教课方式过于开放。

英国(British)《每日电讯报》(Telegraph)称,它的在线课程[2]灵感[3]大多来自于美国洛杉矶圣费尔南多谷(San Fernando Valley, Los Angeles, a center of the American porn industry),而不是牛津剑桥(Oxford and Cambridge)。据报道,"性感汉语"网校[4]自从去年12月开办以来,该校的格言是"用一种非传统[5]的方式学习汉语"。


不少网民认为,这所网校有助于改变外国人思维中汉语难学的观念。不是所有人都认同这种教学模式。北京普通话培训学校(Beijing Putonghua Training School)一名教师批评说,这对严肃[16]的语言教学无益,在学习期间,学生们很容易因这种"色情视频"而分心[17]。香港妇女基金会(Hong Kong's Women Foundation)执行董事[18]表示,她们强烈反对在教学中故意将女性描绘成"性交对象"[19]。



A Japanese graduate of Nottingham University, Ju Dixun, is offering an internet language website called "Sexy Mandarin". The 'teachers' are models wearing bikini, and the classes are given in an excessively permissive style.

The British Telegraph newspaper reports that this website's inspiration arrives from Los Angeles' San Fernando Valley (center of the American porn industry) and not from Oxford or Cambridge. According to this report, since it was opened in December last year, the motto of 'Sexy Mandarin' is 'using an unorthodox way to teach Chinese'.

The first lesson in this language website is "What time is it?" In the video, two female models, wearing only underwear, are grappling in bed. Up to now, this item was watched 300,000 times. It is said that the recruitment demands of the women 'teachers' are peculiar. Except for relevant teaching experience, they must provide a photo of the whole body. Tao Dixun explains: "Learing Chinese characters through a textbook can be dull. But once you use a conversation style, alternating it with sexy images, then it becomes very interesting."

Many netizens believe that this language website can change the idea that foreigners have, that Chinese language is difficult to learn. But some people do not agree with this format. A teacher of Beijing Putonghua Training school criticizes by saying that this site is useless for seriously teaching a language. During the study, students are easily distracted due to the 'sexual images'. Executive director of Hong Kong's Women Foundation says that they strongly oppose the fact that these lessons intentionally depict women as 'sexual objects'.

Daily Telegraph suggests that the emergence of 'Sexy Mandarin' reflects the trend that as Chinese economy is developing, more people across the world begin to study Chinese. Original article published by 东北网

[1]毕业生 bìyèshēng - Graduate

[2] 在线课程 zàixiàn kèchéng - Online course

[3] 灵感 línggǎn - Inspiration

[4] 网校 wǎng xiào - 'Internet school'

[5] 非传统 fēi chuántǒng - Non-orthodox, non-traditional

[6] 视频 shìpín - Video

[7] 内衣 nèi yī - Underwear

[8] 扭打 niǔdǎ- Grapple

[9] 点击率 diǎnjīlǜ - Rate of 'hits', number of views

[10] 招募 zhāomù - Recruit

[11] 全身照 quánshēn zhào - Whole-body photo

[12] 教科书 jiàokēshū - Textbooks

[13] 枯燥 kūzào - Dull

[14] 会话 huìhuà - Conversation

[15] 穿插 chuān chā - Alternate

[16] 严肃 yánsù - Serious

[17] 分心 fēnxīn - Distract attention

[18] 执行董事 zhíxíng dǒngshì - Executive director

[19] "性交对象" xìngjiāo duìxiàng - 'Sexual object'

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