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引产孕妇成卖国贼?Is the woman who was forced induced labor actually a traitor of China? print version
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Shortly after the story of Feng Jianmei, the woman who was forced to go induced labor in her 7th month of pregnancy, shocked China and led to a governmental apology and expelling of personnel, new voices are now heard in the Chinese public sphere. Media is giving voice to netizens and citizens who blame Feng and her family for betraying China by giving an interview to German media. At the same time, articles, such as this one (taken from People's Daily), emphasize the irresponsibility of Feng and her unlawful pregnancy, subtly suggesting that local government is not the villain of this plot.    

陕西引产孕妇[1]成卖国贼[2]? 6月24日,网友在组织在被强制[3]引产孕妇,冯建梅,家门口挂横幅标语[4],称冯家接受德国(German)媒体的采访[5]是卖国贼行为,还在门口打出"痛打卖国贼,驱出曾家镇"[6]的横幅。甚至威胁[7]要把他们全家驱出镇。

据了解,2012年3月20日,冯建梅被已怀孕3个月,曾家镇计生办(Office of Birth Control, Zhengjiazhen)工作人员多次登门督促冯建梅办理生育证[8]。根据《陕西省人口与计划生育条例》("Regulations of Population & Family Planning Law of Sha'anxi province")的规定,冯建梅属政策外怀孕[9],不能再生育二孩,应当依法终止妊娠[10]。通过该镇干部[11]反复做思想工作[12],冯建梅同意终止妊娠术,于6月2日在陕西省镇坪县医院接受了终止妊娠术。

Is the woman who went through induced labor in Sha'anxi province becoming a 'traitor' of China? On June 24, netizens initiated hanging signs at the house entrance of Feng Jianmei. They claim that the interview Feng's family gave to German media was an act of treason. Another placard that was hanged said: "Beat the traitors, kick them out of Zengjiazhen. They even threatened the family that they will send them out of the town.

It is reported that on March 20, 2012 when Feng Jianmei was already pregnant for over three months, workers of Zengjiazhen's birth control office tried to call her house. They urged Feng to arrange an approval to give birth. According to the "Regulations of Population & Family Planning Law of Sha'anxi province", Feng Jianmei is not allowed to have a second child and must had stopped the pregnancy by law. Through the repetitive ideological work of cadres, Feng finally agreed to end the pregnancy, and on June 2 had a surgery to terminate the pregnancy at the Zhenping county hospital. 

Original article published by People's Daily 人民网

[1] 陕西引产孕妇 shǎnxī yǐn chǎn yùnfù - 'The Sha'anxi-induced-labor-woman', the nickname of Feng Jianmei, a woman who became famous due to the fact she was forced to abort her child by giving birth on her 7th month of pregnancy.

[2] 卖国贼 màiguó zéi - National traitor

[3] 强制 qiángzhì - Force

[4] 横幅标语 héngfú biāoyǔ - Horizontal placard/sign

[5] 采访 cǎifǎng - Interview

[6] "痛打卖国贼,驱出曾家镇" tòngdǎ màiguó zéi , qūchū zēngjiāzhèn - "Beat the traitor, kick them out of Zengjiazhen"

[7] 威胁 wēixié - Threat

[8] 生育证 shēngyù zhèng - Certificate/approval to give birth

[9] 政策外怀孕 zhèngcè wài huáiyùn -Pregnancy 'outside' the policy, unlawful pregnancy

[10] 妊娠 rènshēn - Pregnancy

[11] 干部 gànbù - Cadres

[12] 思想工作 sīxiǎng gōngzuò - 'Ideological work'

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