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核桃投资市场再起 - Walnuts' investment market is on the rise again print version
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核桃投资在2010年达到顶峰[10],当时中央政府(central government)控制房地产市场。过去三年来,桃、葫芦(calabash)和蟋蟀(crickets)等玩意则持续红火[11]。在一家核桃交易电子商务网站[12],有一对核桃标价超过了31000美元。


In recent years, since the profit gained on traditional investments such as stocks and real estate is very low, the 'walnut market' begins to spring up. The price of a large walnut can reach 10,000 US dollars. In the past walnuts were used for games in the Chinese imperial court and people moved around walnuts in their palms to improve their blood circulation. Nowadays not only do rich people regard walnuts as an investment, these nuts also become a status symbol.

Walnut collector Kou Baojun says that bigger size, older 'age' and a symmetric shape make the walnut valuable. Another collector Hu Zhenyuan says: "the investment in walnuts is rising each year. A pair of walnuts that cost 350 RMB a decade ago can be sold now for 3500 RMB.

In 2010 investment in walnuts reached its peak, after the central Chinese government restricted the real estate market. In the last three years, walnuts, bottle gourd (calabash), crickets and other 'toys' are gaining popularity. In an E-Commerce website that trades walnuts, the marked price for a certain pair of walnuts is 31,000 US dollars.

[1] 股票 gǔpiào - stocks

[2] 房地产 fángdìchǎn - real estate

[3] 传统资产 chuántǒng zīchǎn - 'traditional' assets

[4] 宫廷 gōng tíng - imperial palace

[5] 手掌 shǒuzhǎng - palm

[6] 血液循环 xuèyè xúnhuán - blood circulation

[7] 身份的象征 shēnfèn de xiàngzhēng - status symbol

[8] 收藏家 shōucáng jiā - collector

[9] 均匀 jūnyún - even, symmetric

[10] 顶峰 dǐngfēng - peak

[11] 红火 hóng huǒ- popular

[12] 电子商务网站 diànzǐshāngwù wǎngzhàn - E-Commerce internet website

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