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国际社会反对美对台军售 - The international community opposes US-Taiwan military trade print version
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Following last week's reports on a military trade between US and Taiwan, this article tries to demonstrate that China's objection to such act is supported by international personage and media groups.


欧洲新闻电视台(Euronews)网站的报道说,美国在全球经济处于动荡[6]时期作出售台武器[7]决定,将破坏世界两个最大经济体之间的气氛[8],将会带来负面影响[9]。俄塔社(Russian ITAR-TASS News Agency)的报道认为,北京多年来坚决反对美国对台出售先进武器,强调这只能助长台独[10]势力。而美国虽然声明支持一个中国政策[11],却常常根据1979年通过的所谓《与台湾关系法》[12]做出相反的举动。

印度(India)尼赫鲁大学(Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi)国际关系学院[13]教授斯瓦兰·辛格对表示,美国再次对台军售是故伎重施[14],恐怕会再次给中美两国关系、两军关系带来极大负面影响。辛格表示,他对于中方向美方表达强烈谴责[15]表示理解,甚至认为中方立场仍然很克制[16],因为众所周知,对台军售是中国核心利益的问题。

The international community expresses universal concern regarding the sale of US military equipment to Taiwan, in a total sum of $5.85 billion. Some media groups point out that the American government is attempting to use Taiwan in order to coerce China and that this type of plot cannot prevail.

The Euronews website reports that in times when the global economy is suffering from fierce unrest, the US decision to sell weapons to Taiwan is destroying the ambience between the world's two largest economies. This could lead to a negative effect. Report of the (Russian) ITAR-TASS News Agency claims that Beijing is determined to oppose US sells of advanced weapons to Taiwan for many years, emphasizing this could encourage Taiwan's independence movement. Although the US states it supports the 'one-China policy', it often carries out contradicting actions, in accord with the 1979 'with Taiwan Relations Act'.

Siwalan Xinge (Chinese name), professor of the International Relations department of Indian Jawaharlal Nehru University university, says that the US-Taiwan deal is 'playing the same old tricks again', and that he is afraid this could bring a very negative effect to the US-China relations and to their military ties. Xinge says that he can understand why the Chinese side is expressing strong condemnation towards the US side, and that he even believes that China's position is still restrained, since, as everybody knows, weapon sales to Taiwan touches a core issue of China's interests.

Original article published by People's Daily 人民日报网

[1] 军售 jūn shòu - Military sale, military export

[2] 国际社会 guójìshèhuì - International community

[3] 美方 měifāng - American side

[4] 要挟 yāo xié - Coerce, compel

[5] 得逞 déchěng - Prevail

[6] 动荡 dòngdàng - Suffers unrest

[7] 武器 wǔqì - Weapons

[8] 气氛 qìfēn - Atmosphere, ambience

[9] 负面影响 fùmiàn yǐngxiǎng - Negative effect

[10] 台独 táidú - Taiwan independence movement

[11] 一个中国政策 yīgè zhōngguó zhèngcè - 'One-China policy', the idea of a united China, including Taiwan, Hong Kong, Tibet.

[12] 《与台湾关系法》yǔ táiwānguānxìfǎ - 'Taiwan Relations Act'; a US act of initiating and maintaining diplomatic relations with Taiwan. In 1979, after the establishment of relations between US and China and the supposable abolishment of US ties with Taiwan, the US re-defined the nature of ties with both nations, allowing itself to promote relations with Taiwan once more.

[13] 国际关系学院 guójìguānxì xuéyuàn - Department of International Relations

[14] 故伎重施 gùjì chóngshī - Play the same tricks again

[15] 强烈谴责 qiángliè qiǎnzé - Strong condemnation

[16] 克制 kèzhì - Restrain

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