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"The Grandmaster" (Yi Dai Zong Shi), a new film by Hong Kong director Kar Wai Wong (Wang Jiawei in Mandarin), is now presented in an international version in European film festivals, moments before it arrives our neighborhood theatres.

《一代宗师》2月7日在63届柏林电影节(Berlin Film Festival)上映[1],国际版[2]比内地版不但时长短了十分钟,内容上也有较多调整,这个版本国内媒体也普遍认为比国内版更流畅[3]。

梁朝伟(Liang Chaowei)被影评人[4]称赞,他说:"我从来没觉得自己的演技[5]了不起,只是很喜欢做这件事,然后继续做而已。"


Liang Chaowei (Tony Leung) and Zhang Ziyi enjoying the honor of The Grandmaster in Berlin

Yi Dai Zong Shi ('The Grandmaster') was screened in the 63rd Berlin Film Festival on February 7. The international version of this movie is not only shorter than the mainland one by ten minutes, its content has also been modified. Most media and common people believe that this international version is smoother and easier to watch.

Liang Chaowei was praised by movie critics. He said: I never considered my acting skills as great, I just like to do this and will continue to do so, that's it.

Perhaps the translation of the film is a bit of a pity in the eyes of Chinese spectators. The comprehensiveness of the Chinese dialogue weakens by the English language. Wang Jiawei took part in the translation task. He said: For me, the translation of each version is extremely difficult, we put our best efforts to make the current translation very good.

[1]上映 shàngyìng - show a film

[2] 国际版 guójì bǎn - international version

[3] 流畅 liúchàng - smooth, easy flowing

[4] 影评人 yǐng píng rén - movie critics

[5] 演技 yǎn jì - acting skills

[6] 言简意赅 yán jiǎn yì gāi - comprehensiveness, concision

[7] 削弱 xuēruò - weaken