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A new report following the tragic accident in Henan last week has stirred up the Weibo, as the government offers different standards for the compensation of rural and urban residents. Is this a reasonable division, in light of the different living expenses between cities and the countryside, or a terrible bias that reflects the non-equal nature of Chinese society?

河南(Henan province)塌桥[1]遇难者[2]赔偿[3]标准:农村户口[4]18万,城镇40万。赔偿标准具体方案还未确定,一位遇难者家属称,目前正进行赔偿谈判[5]。

难道人的生命真的有贵贱之分[6]吗?农村户口应该歧视[7]吗?这不平等的标准什么时候可以修改? 农村户口的人不仅享受不到相关[8]的福利,而且他们的利益被剥夺[9],成为社会的二等公民[10]。


The criteria for compensation of victims of the bridge that collapsed in Henan: rural residents: 180,000 RMB, urban residents 400,000 RMB. The compensation plan is still not fixed. A family member of one of the victims said that negotiations about the compensation are now taking place.

Is there really a division of 'expensive' and 'cheap' in human lives? Should a life of a rural resident be discriminated against? When could this unequal standard be revised? Rural residents not only enjoy little material benefits, they are deprived of profit and become our society's second-class citizens.

Lawyer Zhang Shaochun says that according to law, when dealing with dead victims, the compensation duty includes not only medical treatment and nursing but also funeral expenses, death compensation, compensation for delayed work and other reasonable expenses.

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[1] 塌桥 tā qiáo - Collapsed bridge, referring to an accident that took place in Hunan several days ago

[2] 遇难者 yùnànzhě - victims

[3] 赔偿 péicháng - compensation

[4]农村户口 nóngcūn hùkǒu - rural household, rural hukou

[5] 谈判 tánpàn - negotiations

[6] 贵贱之分 guì jiàn zhī fēn - a division of expensive and cheap

[7]歧视 qíshì - discriminated

[8] 不到相关 bù dào xiāngguān - non-correlative, unequal

[9] 剥夺 bōduó - deprive

[10] 二等公民 èr děng gōngmín  - second-class citizens

[11] 律师 lǜshī - lawyer

[12] 医疗费、护理费 yīliáo fèi 、 hù lǐ fèi - medical expenses, nursing expenses

[13] 丧葬费 sāng zàng fèi - funeral expenses

[14] 误工损失 wù gōng sǔnshī - loss from delay of work