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It is not a new phenomenon, but once again a Hollywood film is censored by Chinese authorities. Explanations of this conduct range from a simple need to make the film accessible to all ages, a wish to portray the Chinese government in a positive light (for example a scene where two Chinese security guards are shot and killed was cut) and even an intentional choice to hinder the film's success and prefer the local productions.

在最新一部007系列[1]电影《大破天幕杀机》("Skyfall") 中,出现了大量中国背景[2],反映了好莱坞(Hollywood)对中国市场的重视[3]。但影片遭中国审查部门(Chinese examination departments)大幅删减[4]。专家[5]表示,这样做的部分原因在于中国仍没有电影分级制度[6],因此影片要适合所有公众欣赏[7]。

在系列电影《007》中,詹姆斯・邦德(James Bond)一次又一次为我们呈现了他与葡萄酒(wine, liquor)的情缘[8]。詹姆斯・邦德是好莱坞电影里最善于酒的人,据统计,在过去20部007影片中,邦德先生大约喝过32次香槟(champagne)、20次伏特加马天尼(vodka martini)、9次伏特加(vodka)、9次红葡萄酒(red wine)、8次威士忌(whisky)、3次白兰地(brandy)。

In the new 007 film 'Skyfall', China appears in the background of a large portion of the movie, demonstrating the importance Hollywood attaches to the Chinese market. However, as the film met Chinese examination departments it was significantly cut. Experts say that this conduct derives from the fact that China doesn't have a film grading mechanism and therefore each movie must suit the entire public.

In the new 007 film, James Bond again demonstrates his romance with liquor. James Bond is the character that most appreciates wine in Hollywood. In the past 20 films, 007 drunk about 32 glasses of champagne, 20 glasses of vodka martini, 9 glasses of vodka, 9 glasses of red wine, 8 glasses of whisky and 3 glasses of brandy.

[1] 系列 xìliè - series

[2] 背景 bèijǐng - background

[3] 重视 zhòngshì - attach importance to

[4] 删减 shān jiǎn - delete, cut

[5] 专家 zhuānjiā - experts

[6] 电影分级制度 diànyǐng fēnjí zhìdù - film grading system, restricting certain films to certain ages

[7] 公众欣赏 gōngzhòng xīnshǎng

[8] 情缘 qíng yuán - romance