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云南镇雄山体滑坡 42人遇难 - 42 people killed in a landslide in Zhenxiong mountain in Yunnan print version
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1月11日  8时20分,云南省(Yunnan province)昭通市(Zhaotong city)镇雄县(Zhenxiong county)发生山体滑坡[1],造成14户村[2]民房屋被毁、46人被[3]。截至20时30分,山体滑坡现场已挖出[4]42名遇难者[5]遗体[6]。在下着雪的滑坡现场,10多台挖掘机[7]、1000多名救援人员[8]在全力搜救失踪人员。

滑坡发生后,云南省政府立即启动应急预案[9]。据地质专家[10]初步调查,山体滑坡是因为持续雨雪天气引发。滑坡体长约120米、宽约110米,总计约21万立方米(cubic meter)的土石方[11]。


January 11, 8:20, a massif landslide occurred in Zhenxiong county in Zhaotong city, Yunnan province. 14 houses of villagers were destroyed and 46 people were buried. The bodies of 42 victims were dug out until 20:30. In the snowy scene of the landslide incident, there were more than 10 excavators and over 1000 rescue staff who spared no efforts in searching to rescue the missing people.

After the landslide occurred, Yunnan's government immediately initiated an emergency project. According to the preliminary survey of geologists, the massif landslide was evoked by the continuous rains and snow. The length of the landslide was approximately 120m and 110m wide, with a volume of 210,000 cubic meters of stone.

The three levels of provincial, municipal and county's governments have already organized funds for the rescue and relief work. The household of each victim will be compensated with 10,000 RMB.  

[1] 山体滑坡 shān tǐ huápō - massif landslide

[2] 户村 hù cūn - households

[3] 埋 mái - buried

[4] 挖出 wā chū - dig out

[5]遇难者 yùnànzhě - victim

[6]遗体 yítǐ - remains of bodies

[7] 挖掘机 wājué jī - excavator

[8] 救援人员 jiùyuán rényuán - rescue staff

[9] 应急预案 yìngjí yùàn - emergency case/project

[10] 地质专家 dìzhì zhuānjiā - expert geologist

[11] 土石方 tǔ shí fāng - cubic meter of stones

[12] 资金 zījīn - funds

[13] 抚慰金 fǔ wèi jīn - compensation funds

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