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With the growing sympathy of netizens to animal rights, it is debatable whether the next story indicates upon cruelty of animals, or rather over awareness to innocent incidents.

1月6日,一条名为《杭州动物(Hangzhou Zoo)园丑陋一幕[1]》的微博(Weibo)引起热议[2]。微博显示:1月5日下午,一些游客在杭州动物园狮[3]拿雪球[4]砸非洲狮(African Lion)。




On January 6, an internet post titled "An ugly scene in Hangzhou Zoo" stirred up hot discussions. The Weibo demonstrates: on January 5, a few visitors at the lion's cage in Hangzhou Zoo held snowballs and stroke the African Lions.

This Weibo post was already circulated 40,000 times, along with 10,000 comments. Internet users one by one condemned this uncivilized behavior.

It is still snowing in Hangzhou, and at present there are still snow packs at the Hangzhou Zoo. Reporters saw that some visitors still throw snowballs at the animals. Animal raiser Zhu Yan of the Zoo says: "Although snowballs cannot injure the animals, treating animals this way makes me very sad." Hangzhou Zoo expressed that only a tiny minority of visitors throws snowballs at the animals.  

[1] 丑陋一幕 chǒulòu yī mù - ugly scene

[2] 热议 rè yì - hot debates

[3] 笼 lóng - cage

[4] 雪球 xuě qiú - snowballs

[5] 转发 zhuǎnfā - circulate, re-posted

[6] 评论 pínglùn - comments

[7] 谴责 qiǎnzé - condemn

[8] 不文明 bù wénmíng - uncivilized

[9] 积雪 jī xuě - snowpack

[10] 饲养 sìyǎng - raising animals, animal raiser