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持中国“绿卡”享国民待遇 - Holders of Chinese 'Green Card' shall enjoy the same rights as Chinese citizens print version
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《外国人在中国永久居留享有相关待遇的办法》("policies for foreigners with permanent residency in China")规定持有外国人在中国永久居留证[1](中国"绿卡"[2])的外籍[3]人员,除政治权利[4]不可享有的特定权利,原则上和中国公民[5]享有相同权利。



New regulations for "policy for foreigners with permanent residency in China" stipulate that foreigners with permanent residency in China ('Chinese Green Card') will not enjoy special privileges except for political rights. In principle they will have similar rights and obligations as Chinese citizens.

According to the regulations, holders of Green Card who work in China enjoy various new privileges. In the aspect of schooling for children, the regulations state for the first time on a national level that children of Green Card holders can receive compulsory education in their location of residence. Concerning social security, the regulations explain that Green Card holders could enjoy China's basic medical treatment for residence and old age pension.

The Green Card system is established by developed countries to promote competitive and high quality human resources. China's Green Card system is implemented since August 2004. Today already almost 5000 foreigners are in the procedure of obtaining permanent residency.

Original artilce published by 北京娱乐信报

[1] 永久居留证 yǒngjiǔ jūliú zhèng - permanent residency

[2] "绿卡" lǜ kǎ - Green Card

[3] 外籍 wàijí - foreign nationality

[4] 政治权利 zhèngzhì quánlì - political rights

[5] 公民 gōngmín - citizens

[6] 就学 jiù xué - attend school

[7] 国家层面 guójiā céngmiàn - national level

[8] 义务教育 yìwùjiàoyù - compulsory education

[9] 社保 shè bǎo - social security

[10] 医疗 yīliáo - medical treatment

[11] 养老保险 yǎnglǎo bǎoxiǎn - old age pension

[12] 发达国家 fādá guójiā - developed countries

[13] 人才竞争 réncái jìngzhēng - competitive quality human resources

[14] 手续 shǒuxù - procedure

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