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Following a recent sex scandal in Chongqing, recently a TV host from Heilongjiang province, Wang Dechun accused a local official Sun Dejiang of raping her. While Sun was since suspended from his position due to violations in his work responsibilities, the sexual harassment case remains to be solved.

11月23日,自称是双城电视台(Shuangcheng TV station)主持人[1]王德春(Wang Dechun)的微博(Weibo microblog)发帖称,自己遭该市人大代[2]孙德江(Sun Dejiang)胁迫[3],长期与其保持不正当[4]关系,甚至在怀胎[5]七月时还被逼与其发生性关系[6]。

11月25日,王德春称,因怕被打击报复[7],她没有在双城市(Shuangcheng city, Heilongjiang province),还要经常更换手机号码[8]。举报[9]之后,她的压力很大,一直未回到双城市。她还接到单位领导[10]电话,领导告诉她,孙德江想跟她私下和解[11],王德春拒绝了。

黑龙江省(Heilongjiang)双城市宣传部(Department of Propaganda)通报[12]称,11月24日,双城市纪委成立调查组。经初步调查核实[13],发现孙德江在处置国有资产[14]方面有违规[15]问题。11月26日,双城市纪委[16]决定对孙德江停止工作。


On November 23, host of the Shuangcheng TV station Wang Dechun posted on her Weibo that she was abused by the city's representative of the People's Congress Sun Dejiang and had improper relations with him over a long period. Even when she was 7 months pregnant he still forced her to have sexual relations with him.

On November 25, Wang Dechin said that since she feared the situation would retaliate, she stayed away from Shuangcheng and frequently changed her cell-phone number. After reporting to the authorities, she feel heavy pressure and has still not returned to Shuangcheng. She still get calls from executives at her work saying that Sun Dejiang wants to see her privately, but Wang refused to do so.

A statement by the Department of Propaganda of Heilongjiang's Shuangcheng city from November 24 says that the city's commission for inspection has set up an investigation team. According to the first outcomes, it was found that Sun Dejiang acted against the regulations in his management of state capital. On November 26, the commission decided to suspend Sun Dejing from his position.

Concerning the issue of the sexual harassment of Wang Dechun, since the investigation team triend to communicate with Wang many times and failed, this problem cannot be verified at the moment and will continue to be examined by the investigation team.

Original article published by 新京报

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[1] 主持人 zhǔchí rén - host (TV, radio, etc)

[2] 人大代表 réndà dàibiǎo - representative of the People's Congress, a government official

[3]胁迫 xiépò - force

[4] 不正当 bù zhèngdāng - improper

[5] 怀胎 huáitāi - pregnant

[6] 性关系 xìngguānxi - sexual relations

[7] 打击报复 dǎjī bàofù - retaliate

[8] 手机号码 shǒujī hàomǎ - cell-phone number

[9] 举报 jǔ bào - report to authorities

[10] 单位领导 dānwèi lǐngdǎo - managers/leaders of a company

[11] 私下和解 sīxià héjiě - reconcile in private

[12] 通报 tōngbào - statement, notice

[13] 核实 héshí - verify

[14] 国有资产 guóyǒu zīchǎn - state capital/property

[15] 违规 wéi guī - against regulations

[16]纪委 jì wěi - commission of inspection

[17] 性侵害 xìng qīnhài - sexual harassment