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超级水稻“甬优12号”获得成功 - Great success for the new 'Super Rice' named 'Yongyou 12' print version
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宁波(Ningbo, Zhejiang province)"杂交水稻[1]之父"马荣荣指导的超级水稻[2]"甬优[3]12号"('Yongyou 12')获得成功,试验田[4]试种的百亩(Mu = 1/6 acre)[5]产达到963.65公斤(Kg),最高亩产1014.3公斤,创下全国百亩平均亩产最高纪录[6],这意味着中国的杂交水稻研究水平已经在世界遥遥领先[7]。

马荣荣介绍,普通水稻的平均亩产为460公斤,而这次"甬优12号"的平均亩产为963.65公斤,是普通水稻的一倍。 "甬优12号"的高产量可以使中国的粮食[8]安全得到保障,也意味着中国可以节约大量的耕地种植[9]。水稻亩产的提高,还能进一步提高农民的收入。 "甬优12号"目前已在全省范围内推广。



Ningbo's 'super-rice crop', 'Yongyou 12', designed by the 'father of the hybrid rice' Ma Rongrong has gained success. In the experimental field of 100 mu (1 mu = 1/6 of acre) it yielded 963.65 Kg in average per mu, with the highest yield of 1014.3 Kg setting a new high national record. This means that China's hybrid rice technology is far ahead of the rest of the world.

Ma Rongrong explained that common rice average yield 460 Kg per mu, while 'Yongyou 12' has an average yield of 963.65 Kg, twice the yield of the common rice. The high yield of 'Yongyou 12' can ensure the security of grains in China, as well as allow China to economize land cultivation. The rice improvement may also increase peasants' income. 'Yongyou 12' is already extending in the entire (Zhejiang) province.

Ma Rongrong said that due to conditions of temperature and soil, particularly in the monsoon climate of Ningbo, the great increase of crop of 'Yongyou 12' means that this is a great leap forward in terms of technology. Ma Rongrong said that "I still have one objective in my mind, which is putting a collective effort and realizing a level of 1000 Kg per mu for this 'super rice'."

[1] 杂交水稻 zájiāo shuǐdào - Hybrid rice

[2] 超级水稻 chāojí shuǐdào - 'Super rice'

[3]甬优 yǒng yōu - this name signifies 'Ningbo (yong is another name for Ningbo) finest'

[4] 试验田 shìyàn tián - experimental field

[5] 均 jūn - average

[6] 最高纪录 zuìgāo jìlù - highest record

[7] 遥遥领先 yáoyáo lǐngxiān - far ahead of

[8] 粮食 liángshi - cereal, grains

[9] 耕地种植 gēngdì zhòngzhí - planting in cultivated land

[10] 受温 shòu wēn - temperature

[11]土壤环境 tǔrǎng huánjìng - soil (soil environment)

[12] 季风 jìfēng - monsoon

[13] 技术jìshù - technology

[14] 突破 tūpò - make a breakthrough

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