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日本驻华大使称中日关系比夫妻关系还紧密 - Japanese ambassador to China said that Sino-Japanese ties are more intimate than marriage print version
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Uichiro Niwa, the Japanese ambassador in Beijing, is currently being replaced at office after two and a half years of some successes (in terms of economic ties) along with many failures (diplomatic problems and the Diaoyu Island dispute). In his last statement in China, Niwa inserted a romantic flavor into the political relationship between these two nations. 

26日14时,日本(Japan)驻华大使[1]丹羽宇一郎(Uichiro Niwa)在使馆召开了新闻发布会[2]。

丹羽表示,他一共在任[3]两年零四个月,从钓鱼岛(Diaoyu Island)问题开始,至钓鱼岛问题结束。在此期间,他希望能够将日本的魅力展现[4]给中国,也希望中国尊重和理解现在的日本人。丹羽表示,他为日中[5]关系的改善已经尽了力,但目前的日中形势[6]非常严峻,这种状况持续下去对双方都没有好处。他说:"日中两国有数千年的交流历史[7],今后也要长久作为邻邦交往[8]下去。 我们必须要考虑留给下一代[9]一个好的日中关系。"


"‘日本企业不需要中国'的说法非常傲慢[13]"。对于这样的说法,丹羽回应道,"我认为这样的观点非常傲慢。在全球化[14]时代,这样的事情是不可能的。但是从历史经验[15]来看,世界就是需要各个国家相互帮助。日本是贸易大国[16],中国也是。在经济上,中国也有不成熟的地方,比如劳动者[17]教育,还有需要向日本学习的地方。 ‘中国经济不需要日本'这种观点也是非常傲慢的,历史是会证明这一点的。"

November 26, Japanese ambassador at China Uichiro Niwa held a press conference.

Uichiro Niwa said that he has been in office for altogether two years and four months, from the beginning until the end of the Diaoyu Island crisis. During this period, he hoped to be able to unfold the charm of Japan before China, and also hoped to make China respect and understand the Japanese people.

Niwa said that he has already spared all his efforts in improving the relationship between China and Japan, but the current circumstances are very critical for both countries and the continuation of this situation is unfavorable for both sides. He said: "Japan and China have a history of interflow of thousands of years, and in the future will remain neighbors in contact for a long period. We must consider how to provide better Sino-Japanese ties for the next generation."

"The Sino-Japanese relationship is even more inseparable than a husband-wife tie." Niwa said that "even if there are aspects of in our standpoints yet to be compromised, both sides nevertheless need to dynamically think how to solve these problems. Most important is the communication between youngsters. I hope that everyone continues to support interflow between the young."

"The view that 'Japanese economy doesn't need China' is very arrogant. In this era of globalization, it is simply impossible. Looking from the perspective of the historical experience, the world needs mutual aid of all the countries. Japan and China are both countries of large trade. In terms of its economy, even China has places that require further improvement, like the education of workers, and therefore it could still learn some things from Japan. 'Chinese economy doesn't need Japan' is therefore also a very arrogant view, as the history will prove."

Original article published by 人民网

[1] 驻华大使 zhùhuá dàshǐ - ambassador at China

[2] 新闻发布会 xīnwén fābù huì - press conference

[3] 在任 zài rèn - at office, in a current position

[4] 展现 zhǎnxiàn - unfold, present

[5] 日中 rìzhōng - Sino-Japanese

[6] 形势 xíngshì - circumstances

[7] 交流历史 jiāoliú lìshǐ - history of interflow, of communication

[8] 邻邦交往 lín bāngjiāo wǎng - 'communicating' neighbors

[9] 下一代 xià yīdài - next generation

[10] 紧密 jǐnmì - intimate, inseperable

[11] 不妥协 bù tuǒxié - non-compromised

[12] 青少年 qīngshàonián - youngsters, youth

[13] 傲慢 àomàn - arrogant

[14] 全球化 quánqiúhuà - globalization

[15] 历史经验 lìshǐ jīngyàn - historical experience

[16] 贸易大国 màoyì dàguó - a country of large trade

[17] 劳动者 láodòngzhě  - labor workers

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