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期待习总书记的“十个更好”- Anticipating the '10 improvements' of secretary Xi print version
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 The government-affiliated People's Daily newspaper is welcoming the new Secretary General of the Communist Party, Xi Jiping, with an article that highlights the new leadership's concern with the 'common people': 

在新一届中央政治局常委媒体见面会上,习近平(Xi Jiping)总书记[1]近20分钟的讲话,说得最多是人民和民生。对老百姓来说,十分振奋人心[2]:"我们的人民热爱生活,期盼[3]有更好的教育、更稳定的工作、更满意的收入、更可靠的社会保障[4]、更高水平的医疗卫生服务[5]、更舒适的居住条件[6]、更优美的环境,期盼着孩子们能成长得更好、工作得更好、生活得更好。"

这里边,一共列举了老百姓期盼的"十个更好",一直就是民生领域的关键词[7]。十八大(18th Communist Party Congress)报告中提出的一系列民生发展目标、习近平总书记在讲话中提出的"十个更好",都是对民生关切[8]的一个积极回应,具体而明确地向人民描绘[9]了未来的幸福生活图景。

In a press presentation of the members of the new Chinese political bureau, Secretary General Xi Jiping spoke for 20 minutes, focusing on 'the people's livelihood'. These words were inspiring for the common people: "our people love their lives and anticipate enjoying better education, more stable occupation, more satisfying incomes, more reliable social insurance, higher level of medical services, more comfortable housing conditions, a nicer environment; they anticipate that our children grow in better conditions, find better jobs and have better lives."

This list of the '10 better' things that common people look forward to emphasizes the keyword of 'people's livelihood'. The list of objectives for development of people's livelihood presented in the report of the 18th Communist Party Congress and the '10 better' that Xi Jiping introduced in his speech are a positive response to the deep concern of people's livelihood. It explicitly portrays an image of happy life for the people.

Original article publised by 人民网

[1] 总书记 zǒngshūji - secretary general of the Communist Party

[2] 振奋人心 zhènfèn rénxīn - inspiring

[3] 期盼 qī pàn - expect, anticipate

[4] 社会保障 shèhuì bǎozhàng - social insurance

[5] 医疗卫生服务 yīliáo wèishēng fúwù - medical services

[6] 居住条件 jūzhù tiáojiàn - housing conditions

[7] 关键词 guānjiàncí - keyword

[8] 关切 guānqiè - deep concern

[9] 描绘 miáohuì - portray

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