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胡锦涛:科学发展观是党必须坚持的指导思想 - Hu Jintao: 'scientific development' is the guiding principle that the Communist Party must persist on print version
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Important days for the CCP and the Chinese leadership are entering, as the 18th Communist Party Congress begins, with the objective of choosing new leaders. Party secretary Hu Jintao began this event with a speech that stressed the importance of 'scientific development' to China's future progress. By this rhetoric, as this statement specifies, he both advocates deeper reforms and presents a continuation to the communist ideological foundation of the CCP.

北京11月8日电 胡锦涛(Hu Jintao)在十八大(18th Party Congress)报告中强调,科学发展观[1]是[2]必须长期坚持的指导思想[3],必须把科学发展观贯彻[4]到我国现代化建设[5]全过程、体现到党的建设各方面。

胡锦涛说,科学发展观是中国特色社会主义[6]理论体系最新成果,是中国共产党(Chinese Communist Party)集体智慧的[7]。科学发展观同马克思列宁主义(Marxism and Leninism)、毛泽东(Mao Zedong)思想、邓小平(Deng Xiaoping)理论、"三个代表"[8]重要思想一道[9],是党必须长期坚持的指导思想。

Beijing, November 8; Hu Jintao emphasized during a speech at the 18 National Congress that 'scientific development' is the major guiding principle that the Communist Party must persist on in the long-term. Scientific development must be the force of China's modernization and be reflected in every aspect and institution of the Communist Party.

Hu Jintao said that 'scientific development' is a new achievement of the system of Chinese socialism and is a crystal that embodies the collective wisdom of the Chinese Communist Party. Scientific development is a path that passes through Marxism, Leninism, Maoism, Deng Xiaoping's ideology and 'the three representatives'. It is the guiding ideology that the party must persist on.

Original article published by 新华网

[1] 科学发展观 kēxué fāzhǎn guān  - The ideology of scientific development

[2] 党 dǎng - 'party' = Chinese Communist Party

[3] 指导思想 zhǐdǎo sīxiǎng - Guideline, guiding prinicple

[4] 贯彻 guànchè - implement

[5] 现代化建设 xiàndàihuà jiànshè

[6] 中国特色社会主义 zhōngguó tèsè shèhuìzhǔyì - 'socialism of the Chinese style', socialism with Chinese features

[7] 结晶 jiéjīng - crystallize

[8] "三个代表" sāngèdàibiǎo - 'Three Representatives', an ideology states by CCP secretary Jiang Zemin at the 16th Party Congress (2002), which specifies that the CCP must represent advanced social productive forces, advanced culture and the interests of the majority of Chinese

[9] 一道 yīdào - 'one way', one ideological path

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