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工信部称正调查360“窃取隐私”事件 - The Ministry of Information is investigating the incident of 'stealing private information' by software company 360 print version
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Qihoo 360 software company, a famous blogger named Fang Zhou and China's internet giants Baidu are tangled in a lethal triangle. Fang Zhou published information about the 'security lies' of Qihoo's browser which led to an investigation by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. Qihoo responded by blaming Baidu for 'planting' these accusations and taking competition too far.

工信部(Ministry of Industry and Information Technology)召开的发布会[1]上,工信部新闻发言人[2]已注意到奇虎360(Qihu360)的指控[3],目前正在调查。如果查实确有违法行为,工信部将依法严肃处理。

10月9日方舟(Fang Zhou)子在微博(Weibo)上提醒好友卸载[4]"360安全浏览器[5]",称360浏览器不安全。此后几天,方舟子发出多篇微博质疑360,指称360浏览器采集用户隐私数据[6]。针对方舟子的质疑,奇虎360 在12日作出回应,奇虎360反击方舟子"被百度(Baidu)以金钱收买",质疑整个事件是竞争对手[7]的抹黑[8]行为。

360公关部总监(Chief inspector of the public relations department)李亮(Li Liang)表示,360欢迎工信部介入调查方舟子"指控"360事件,希望能尽快给予调查结论。他同时表示,360已起诉[9]方舟子和百度公司名誉侵权[10]。


During a press conference of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, news spokesperson of the ministry said that the ministry has noticed the accusations of Qihu360 and is currently investigating the matter. If it verifies that there were acts violating the legal regulations, the ministry shall deal with the case severely according to law.

On October 9, Fang Zhou warned his friends on the Weibo from downloading from the "safe internet browser 360", saying that this browser is unsafe. After several days, Fang Zhou wrote many posts questioning 360 and claiming that their browser gathers private information on users. On October 12, Qihu360 responded, saying that Fang Zhou was 'bought' by Baidu and that this incident is in fact a competitor that wishes to blacken 360's name.

Chief inspector of 360's public relations department, Li Liang, said that 360 welcomes the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology to investigate the incident of Dan Zhou's "accusations" and he hopes that it will produce fast results. He also said that 360 has already sued Fan Zhou and Baidu for harming 360's reputation.

Concerning whether or not the 360 browser steals private information of users, currently both sides are still deadlocked in their positions. This incident has an impact already, as users are suspicious concerning using the browser of 360.

[1] 发布会 fābù huì - Press conference

[2] 新闻发言人 xīnwén fāyánrén - News spokesman

[3] 指控 zhǐkòng - accusations

[4] 卸载 xiè zài - 'download'

[5] 浏览器 liúlǎnqì - internet browser

[6] 隐私数据 yǐnsī shùjù - private information 

[7] 竞争对手 jìngzhēng duìshǒu - competition opponent

[8] 抹黑 mǒ hēi - blacken one's name

[9] 起诉 qǐsù - sue

[10] 名誉侵权 míngyù qīn quán - violate/harm one's reputation

[11] 窃取 qièqǔ - steal

[12] 僵持 jiāngchí - deadlock

[13] 谨慎 jǐnshèn - suspicious, cautious

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