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A short column of many articles in recent weeks that introduce the concept of vegetarianism to Chinese readers.



More and more people who have been used to eat large portions of meat and fish are now becoming vegetarians. Some people might have strong prejudice about vegetarianism. As the level of life is improving, all kinds of meat are practically becoming home-style food, yet excessive edible meat and fish are not healthy. People's growing attention to healthy and food safety has given rise to the wind of vegetarianism.

Vegetarianism is not only an issue of food and drinks but is also a cultural conception. In the past, when life conditions were not good, people hoped to be able to consume meat. Nowadays vegetarianism is not only a fashion as many people consider it on the ground of health. Vegetarianism is gradually entering our field of vision.

Original article published by 青岛日报

[1] 吃素 chī sù - eat vegetarian, vegetarianism

[2] 偏见 piānjiàn - prejudice

[3] 鸡鸭鱼肉 jī yā yú ròu - all kinds of meat ('chicken, duck, fish, meat')

[4] 家常便饭 jiācháng biànfàn - home style food

[5] 食品安全 shípǐn ānquán - food safety

[6] 时尚 shíshàng - fashion

[7] 素食主义 sùshí zhǔyì - vegetarianism

[8] 视野 shìyě - field of vision