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“好声音”节目组后悔超时事件 - China's Voice regrets the 'overtime incident' in the show's finals print version
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After a year with many clashes between popular reality shows and Chinese government agencies, a new episode was written after the long 3-day finals of Zhejiang Satellite's "China's Voice".

  《中国好声音》('China's voice')总决赛[1]在上海(Shanghai)八万人体育场落下帷幕[2]。节目严重超时[3]导致扰民[4]的问题。在决赛进行时,当地居民曾多次投诉[5],警察[6]也4次警告主办方没有果。


《中国好声音》总决赛落幕。在《中国好声音》三日联播的影响下, 9月30日,浙江卫视(Zhejiang Satellite)全天收视率[12]创造了卫视单日收视的新纪录。 

September 30, the final of "China's voice" was held in a stadium of 80,000 people in Shanghai. The show has significantly passed its scheduled time length, which disturbed the residents. In the past local residents complained several times about the finals of this show. The police warned the organizers four times, but there was no positive outcome.

Since the show extended beyond the planned schedule, a clash erupted between organizers and the police, leading to injury of one of the show's organizing staff. "China's voice" published an apology on the government's Weibo page. The show also referred to the clash with the police: "On that day the show was broadcasted until late. The organizing team was not able to control the entire situation, but this has nothing to do with the music 'team'. We are have a guilty conscience because the music tram is being blamed for this incident."

"China's voice" final competition ended. In the three consecutive days of broadcast, on September 30 Zhejiang Satellite's TV rating for the entire day established a new record for a full day TV rating in the history of China's Satellite TV.

Finals of China Voice, Sep 30

[1] 总决赛 zǒng juésài - the 'finals'

[2] 落下帷幕 luòxià wéi mù - 'drop the curtain', end

[3] 超时 chāo shí - 'pass the time', extend overtime

[4] 扰民 rǎo mín - disturb the people

[5] 投诉 tóusù - complain, write an appeal

[6] 警察 jǐngchá - police

[7] 官方 guānfāng - government

[8] 全局 quánjú - overall situation

[9] 音响团队 yīnxiǎng tuánduì - music team

[10] 指责 zhǐzé - blame

[11] 内疚 nèi jiù - guilty conscience

[12] 收视率 shōu shì lǜ - TV rating

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