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As the iPhone is becoming longer in shape, Chinese netizens amuse themselves (and us) by presenting photoshop images of the future iPhones and their 'practicability'.



Yesterday Apple introduced the new generation iPhone 5 advanced cellular phone. The most obvious difference between it and the past Apple mobile phones is that its screen is larger and it supports faster transmission compared to the 4th generation mobile communication technology.

The '5th generation' Apple device that internet users refer to as a longer version of iPhone4S, indeed seems slightly longer. Internet users 'help' Apple design the future longer, lighter and more practical 'iPhone 10', 'iPhone 20', 'iPhone50' final versions:




[i] 智能手机 zhìnéng shǒujī- Advanced/intelligent cellular phone

[ii] 历代lìdài - past 'generations'

[iii] 屏píng - screen

[iv] 尺寸chǐcun - size, measurement

[v] 传输速度chuánshū sùdù - transmission speed

[vi] 移动通信yídòng tōngxìn - mobile communication

[vii] 网友wǎng yǒu - internet users

[viii] "五代" wǔ dài - '5th generation'

[ix] 终极版zhōng jí bǎn - 'final version'