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Among the recent reforms in the College Entrance Exam (gaokao), a new initiative that is widely discussed by the Chinese media in recent days is the 'yidi gaokao'. The 'gaokao for foreign residents' allows children of immigrant workers in cities to enjoy maximum education opportunities. Will these children truly acquire high level of education, will they be accepted as gaokao examinees and shall this initiative promote social mobility? These issues remain unfolded at the moment.

教育部部长(Minister of Education)袁贵仁(Yuan Guiren)首次明确异地高考[1]三项要求,学生、家长、所在城市都需要符合相关条件。他表示,教育部门将保障每一位公民享有同等的入学机会。对2000多万随迁儿童[2]来说,异地高是与他们命运[3]关系最密切的教育政策。


今年8月30日,国务院办公厅(general office of the State Council)、教育部文件明确进城务工人员随迁子女在接受义务教育[7]之后在当地参加升学考试[8]的办法。袁贵仁表示,异地高考有条件。首先,学生家长须在流入地有稳定工作、固定住所;其次,参加异地高考的学生须在流入地读完小学、初中、高中[9]。

中央(central government)提出的今年教育经费投入[10]要占GDP的4%的目标。预计今年全国教育总经费将达到2.2万亿元,比去年增加大约6000亿元左右。

Minister of Education Yuan Guiren has explained the three conditions for the 'Gaokao (college entrance exam) for foreign residents' for the first time. These conditions have to do with the students, parents and the city of residence. He said that the Ministry of Education will ensure that each and every citizen enjoys equal study opportunities. The 'Gaokao for foreign residents' is a policy that has the most strong influence on the destiny of over 20 million children who follow their immigrant parents.

Yuan Guiren said that since 2003, China allows boys and girls 'followers' to enter local schools. Among children 'followers' of applied labor workers who entered cities, 79.4% attend state-owned schools, 10% attend civil school (that are sustained by the government) and the rest attend city schools that are directly organized by the workers.

On August 30, a document by the general office of the State Council and the Ministry of Education explained the manner by which children 'followers' of city workers can enjoy compulsory education and then attend the entrance examination for high-school. The 'Gaokao for foreign residents' has access conditions: First, the pupils' parents must have a stable job in the relevant location and fixed residence. The students that take the 'Gaokao for foreign residents' must had completed primary, middle and high-school in the relevant location.

Funds invested in education this year will occupy 4% of the national GDP. It is estimated that the general sum for education will reach 2.2 trillion RMB, an increase of about 600 billion compared to last year.

Original article published by 北京日报

[1] 异地高考 yì dì gāokǎo - 'Foreign' College Entrance Exam (gaokao); Gaokao that is opened for children immigrants

[2] 随迁儿童 suí qiān értóng - Children 'followers'; children immigrants who follow their parents to their new residence

[3] 命运 mìngyùn - destiny

[4] 务工人员 wù gōngrén yuán - Applied-labor workers, immigrant workers

[5] 公办学校 gōngbàn xuéxiào - state-owned schools

[6] 民办 mín bàn - civil, people-run

[7] 义务教育 yìwùjiàoyù - compulsory education

[8] 升学考试 shēngxué kǎoshì - 'exam for advanced education', entrance exam for high-school

[9] 小学、初中、高中 xiǎoxué 、 chūzhōng 、 gāozhōng - Primary, middle and high-school

[10] 教育经费投入 jiàoyù jīngfèi tóurù - Funds invested in education