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中国23省2011年平均工资:北京最高 - The average annual salary in 23 Chinese provinces: Beijing stands in first place print version
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In recent weeks, economic reports about the average income in China for 2011 are published by national platforms. While this data enables us make comparisons between the economic levels of different provinces, one must remember two things: this info excludes private enterprises and pays attention only to urban China. By how much this average income of 42,452 would drop if reports had included 300 million rural workers?


国家统计局(National Bureau of Statistics)公布的数据显示,2011年全国城镇非私营单位在岗职工年平均[6]工资为42452元,比与2010增加了5305元。同全国年平均工资水平42452元相比,北京、上海、浙江(Zhejiang)、江苏(Jiangsu)、广东(Guangdong)、宁夏(Ningxia)、青海(Qinghai)这7个省份超过了全国平均水平。其中,北京和上海突破[7]了5万。

每当公布平均工资数据时,会有很多人都感觉自己拿到手的工资没这么多。为什么许多人感受自己的工资与平均工资数据不一样?国家统计局有关负责人表示,因为平均工资是反映工资总体情况[8],它不同于每一个人的具体工资水平。根据国家有关规定,工资总额包括计时工资[9]、 计件工资[10]、奖金[11]、补贴[12]、加班加点[13]工资。工资总额统计的是个人税前[14]工资,并且包括个人付的养老[15]、医疗[16]、住房基金。


                                   The list of the salaries in cities in 23 Chinese provinces for 2011. 
                                        The right column shows the growth compared to 2010 

23 Chinese provinces recently published the averge salary for residents in their urban centers (for workers not in the private sector). According to the data, among these provinces (and province-level municipalities), the average monthly salary in Beijing is the highest with 4672 RMB; second is Shanghai with 4331 RMB; the province ranked last is Gansu with only 2742 RMB monthly income. Among the 23 provinces, the data published by Beijing, Shanghai, Sichuan and Hebei includes private enterprises, while the rest 19 provinces published data that excludes private companies.

The data published by the National Bureau of Statistics shows that the average annual salary for 2011 in urban China, not including the private sector, stood on 42,452 RMB, an increase of 5305 yuan compared to 2010. Compared to this national level of 42,452 RMB, Beijing, Shanghai, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Guangdong, Ningxia and Qinghai have a higher standard. Beijing and Shanghai have even surmounted 50,000 RMB of average annual salary.

Every time when data about average salaries is published, many people could feel that the income they make is lower. Why do so many people feel that their income is not as good as the average? Personnel from the National Bureau of Statistics said that because this average income reflects an overall situation, it does not necessarily represent one's specific salary. According to national regulations, the sum of income includes payment per hour, piece-rate wages, bonuses, subsidizations and payment for extra hours. This sum indicates one's salary before paying taxes, yet it includes payment for old-aged pension, medical treatment and housing taxes.

Original article published by 中新网

[1] 城镇 chéngzhèn - Cities and towns, urban

[2] 岗职工平均工资 gǎng zhígōng píngjūn gōngzī - Average income for workers, average salary

[3] 其次 qícì - second

[4] 私营 sīyíng - private enterprises

[5] 非私营单位 fēi sīyíng dānwèi - non-private companies and organizations

[6] 年平均 nián píngjūn - annual average

[7] 突破 tūpò - surmount, surpass

[8] 总体情况 zǒngtǐ qíngkuàng - overall/general situation

[9] 计时工资 jì shí gōngzī - payment per hour

[10]计件工资 jì jiàn gōngzī - piece-rate payment

[11]奖金 jiǎngjīn - bonuses

[12]补贴 bǔtiē - subsidizations

[13] 加班加点 jiābān jiā diǎn - work extra hours

[14] 税前 shuìqián - before taxes

[15] 养老 yǎnglǎo - 'provide for the aged', old-aged pension

[16]医疗 yīliáo - medical treatment

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