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日本驻华大使称袭车事件希望尽快平息 - Japanese ambassador in China wishes that the disturbance following his attack will quiet down soon print version
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日本(Japan)驻中国大使[1]丹羽宇一郎(Uichiro Niwa)表示,27日发生的"[2]车"事件只是一个单独的案件,希望不要影响日中[3]两国的友好。丹羽称,日方会向中国政府提出抗议[4],因为袭击外国大使座车和抢国旗[5]是"比较严重的外交事件[6]"。但日方希望平静处理。


据了解, 27日下午4时许,日本驻华大使丹羽乘坐一辆悬挂[10]有日本国旗的车返回大使馆时,遭到两辆车的拦堵[11]。其中一个年轻的男子下车,直接走到大使车前,将大使座车上悬挂的日本国旗抢走,并说了一些话。

The ambassador of Japan in China, Uichiro Niwa said that the 'surprise attack on his car' that took place on the 27th is a single case that will hopefully not affect the good ties between China and Japan. Niwa said that Japan might raise its protests to the Chinese government because the incident of attacking a foreign ambassador while he is sitting in his car and snatching the national flag is a "relatively severe diplomatic incident". Yet Japan hopes to handle this quietly.

The incident of the surprise attack on Niwa was photographed by people at the site and circulated throughout the internet. Niwa said "this forced us to make this problem public". Niwa believes that although the ties between Japan and China may involve different opinions, there is still need for communication and mutual understanding. The ties between the countries should be regarded from the perspective of the flourishing of Asia and the world.

According to what is understood, on August 27, 4 pm, ambassador of Japan in China, Uichiro Niwa was sitting in his car, to which the Japanese national flag was hanging. While he was returning towards the embassy, he encountered two cars that blocked the way. A young man got off the car and headed to the ambassador's vehicle, ripping off the Japanese flag and adding some words.

Original article published by 环球时报

[1] 大使 dàshǐ - ambassador

[2] 袭 xí - surprise attack

[3] 日中 rìzhōng - Japan-China

[4] 抗议 kàngyì - protest

[5] 国旗 guóqí - national flag

[6] 外交事件 wàijiāo shìjiàn - diplomatic incident

[7] 上传 shàng chuan - upload and circulate

[8] 邻居 línjū - neighborhood, vicinity

[9] 繁荣 fánróng - flourishing

[10] 悬挂 xuánguà - hang a flag

[11] 拦堵 lán dǔ - block the way

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