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卫生部:全国240家三级医院将重新定级 - The Ministry of Health announced that 240 hospitals that were upgraded to 'level 3' will be re-evaluated print version
level 2

据中国之声《央广新闻》报道,去年以来,部分从二级升为三级[1]的医院要再次紧张起来,来面对更为严格的医院等级评审[2]。卫生部(Ministry of Health)将制定新的评审标准[3],以强调医疗卫生资源[4]的合理配置[5]。

在日前举办的中国医院论坛(China's Symposium of Hospitals)上,卫生部医管司评价处(Department of evaluation and medical supervision)处长[6]刘勇透露:卫生部今年6月已经出台正式文件[7],要求对2010年12月31日后评审新增的三级医院,省级卫生行政部门不得发给三级医院等级证书[8]。


According to the Chinese Yingguang News (CNR), since last year, some of the hospitals that were upgraded from 'level 2' to 'level 3' are worried that they will face strict inspections and examinations again. The Ministry of Health will establish a new standards of examinations, emphasizing the rational disposition of medical treatment.

In China's Symposium of Hospitals that was held a few days ago, the head of the department of evaluation and medical supervision in the Ministry of Health, Liu Yong, revealed that the ministry has issued a formal document already in June this year, demanding the provincial health departments do not transmit the 'level 3' certificate to hospitals which were upgraded after 31/12/2010.

After the task of evaluating hospitals began in 2011, more than 240 hospitals in China were upgraded from 'level 2' to 'level 3', among which a large fraction became new 'san jia' hospitals. Yet some provinces did not distribute the hospitals according to the rational of health planning. Some even disposed one 'san jia' hospitals for 100,000 people. Liu Yong believes that such a conduct destroys the network of medical services.

At present, the task of evaluation of hospital 'ranks' is in progress. After results are achieved they will be published in public.

Original article published by 中广网

[1] 二级,三级医院èr jí,sān jí yīyuàn - 'Level 2', 'Level 3' hospitals; in China hospitals are graded by the quality, scope and efficiency of services. Hospitals of 'level 2' serve several communities (社区), while 'level 3' hospitals serve up to several districts. Therefore 'level 3' indicates higher standards of service and greater capacity.

[2] 医院等级评审 yīyuàn děngjí píngshěn - Examination of grades of hospitals

[3] 评审标准 píngshěn biāozhǔn - Standards of examination

[4] 医疗卫生资源 yīliáo wèishēng zīyuán

[5] 配置 pèizhì - Medical health resources

[6] 处长 chùzhǎng - Head of office

[7] 正式文件 zhèngshì wénjiàn - Official document

[8] 等级证书 děngjí zhèngshū - Rank/grade certificate

[9] 三甲医院 sān jiǎ yīyuàn - A special grade within the 'level 3' rank of hospitals that indicates very high standards

[10] 卫生规划 wèishēng guīhuà - Health planning

[11] 布局 bùjú - Distribute

[12] 医疗服务网络 yīliáo fúwù wǎngluò - Network of medical services

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