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Photos of a woman lying next to her dead fetus shocked China in the last week. Feng Jianmei, a woman in late pregnancy, could not pay the fine for having a 'second child' and was forced to abort her offspring. The local government suspended the personnel involved, but what is left to ask is whether this reaction is due to 'illegal' act of forced labor during late pregnancy (as statements suggest) or is it only a result of the public exposure of the incident and the very unpleasant photos that depict it.

安康市(Ankang city)镇坪县(Zhenping county)曾家镇(Zhengjiazhen)对孕妇[1]违规[2]引产[3]一事,安康市政府(Ankang municipal government)已查明[4]确有职人员违规行为,造成极为不良后果。初步[5]决定,镇坪县人口和计划生育局局长(director of the county's Family Planning Bureau),镇坪县曾家镇人民政府镇长(head of the Zengjiazhen township government),镇坪县曾家镇人民政府人口和计划生育办公室主任(head of the Zengjiazhen township's family planning office)停职[6]调查。

6月11日,有网友在本地论坛[7]发帖[8]称,陕西安康怀孕7个月的冯建梅(Feng Jianmei),腹中胎儿[9]被强制[10]引产,引起社会广泛关注。对此,陕西安康市镇坪县人口和计划生育局回应称,该孕妇属于政策外[11]怀孕,依据《陕西省人口与计划生育条例》(Population & Family Planning regulations of Shaanxi province),6月2日对冯建梅实施了终止二胎身孕[12]。

2001年《中华人民共和国人口与计划生育法》("Population & Family Planning Law  of The People's Republic of China's")实施以来,陕西省人口和计划生育委员会(committee of Population & Family Planning in Shaanxi province)明令禁止大月份引产。此做法严重违反了国家和省人口计生委的有关政策规定,在社会上造成极为不良的影响。安康官方表示,由于一些干部[13]违规行为对冯建梅及家人造成的严重伤害,表示深深道歉,并向社会各界[14]表示深深道歉。

Concerning the 'illegal induced labor incident' in Ankang city, the municipal government has already investigated and found the civil servants who performed the illegal act that led to a negative result. The initial decision suspends director of the county's Family Planning Bureau, head of the Zengjiazhen township government and head of the Zengjiazhen township's family planning office.

On June 11, a netizen in a local forum posted a message saying that Feng Jianmei, a 7-month pregnant woman from Ankang (Shaanxi province) was forced to give labor to her fetus. This led to an extensive social reaction. Department of Population & Family Planning of Ankang responded that this woman could not be pregnant according to policies of "Population & Family Planning regulations of Shaanxi province". On June 2, Feng was forced to end the pregnancy according to regulations that prohibit her from having a second child.

In 2001, since the implementation of "Population & Family Planning Law of The People's Republic of China", the committee of Population & Family Planning in Shaanxi province prohibits the induced labor of fetuses in late pregnancies. This act severely violated national and provincial policies of population & family planning and has produced a very negative social impact. Local government of Ankang said that it apologizes deeply for the illegal acts of some of its cadres, that have strongly harmed Feng Jianmei and her family. It also apologizes deeply to the entire society.

Original article published by 中国新闻网

[1] 孕妇 yùnfù - Pregnant woman

[2] 违规 wéiguī - Illegal, violating regulations

[3] 引产 yǐn chǎn - Induced labor

[4] 查明 chámíng - Find out through investigation

[5] 初步 chūbù - Initial step

[6] 停职 tíng zhí - Suspend

[7] 论坛 lùntán - Forum

[8] 发帖 fā tiě - Publish post

[9] 胎儿 tāiér - Fetus

[10] 强制 qiángzhì - Force

[11] 政策外 zhèngcè wài - 'Outside policy', pregnancies that are not in accord with the regulations

[12] 二胎身孕 èr tāi shēnyùn - Pregnancy of the 'second child'

[13] 干部 gànbù - Cadre

[14] 社会各界 shèhuì gèjiè - All circles of society