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中国叫停菲部分香蕉进口 - China calls to reduce the import of bananas from the Philippines print version
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In days when the dispute between China and the Philippines over Huangyan Island in the South China Sea is escalating, there is risk for the economic relations between the two nations. Chinese newspapers published articles in recent days depicting problems that were found in the import of bananas from the Philippines. As this item illustrates, this information serves as a demonstration of China's economic power and the Philippines' interest in improving these diplomatic ties.

记者从国家质检总局(General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine of China)了解到,针对各地检验检疫[1]机构多次从菲律宾(Philippines)进口[2]水果中有害生物。质检总局已多次向菲方通报,要求其调查原因,采取改进措施[3]。


据相关部门提供的数据,2011年,菲律宾的香蕉[10]占我国进口香蕉总量的84.75%。在中菲[11]围绕黄岩岛(Huangyan Island)问题持续影响中菲关系,菲律宾香蕉业者已经开始担心,中菲政治紧张关系会影响到菲律宾庞大的香蕉产业[12]。一旦菲律宾失去了中国香蕉市场,将会引发菲香蕉业的整体衰退[13]。

Reporters understood from the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine of China that fruits imported from the Philippines by Quality Control & Quarantine organizations were found to have harmful organisms. The General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine of China has often announced this to the Philippines, demanding that it undertakes improvement measurements.

It is reported that since last year, fruits imported from Philippines by departments of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine in Shanghai, Shenzhen and Shandong had pests. Each department shall undertake measures to monitor such hazards. If the tests do not correspond to the national standards of food safety, the products will be returned or destroyed without exception.

According to data by relevant departments, in 2011 84.75% of the bananas imported by China were of the Philippines. As the problem of the Huangyan Islands continues to be in the background of China-Philippines relations, there are concerns in the Philippines' banana industry. The tensed political relations between the two countries could have a severe effect on the immense banana industry in the Philippines. If the Philippines losses the Chinese banana market this could bring to the collapse of the entire industry in the Philippines.

Original article published by Guangzhou Daily

[1] 检验检疫 jiǎnyàn jiǎn yì - Quality control and quarantine

[2] 进口 jìnkǒu - Import

[3] 改进措施 gǎijìn cuòshī - Measures of improvements

[4] 检疫 jiǎn yì - Quarantine

[5] 害虫 hàichóng - Pests

[6] 食品安全风险监测 shípǐn ānquán fēngxiǎn jiāncè - Risk monitoring in food safety

[7] 国家食品安全标准 guójiā shípǐn ānquán biāozhǔn - The national standards of food safety

[8] 退运 tuì yùn - Return

[9] 销毁 xiāohuǐ - Destroy

[10] 香蕉 xiāngjiāo - Banana

[11] 中菲 zhōngfēi - China-Philippines

[12] 香蕉产业xiāngjiāo chǎnyè - Banana industry

[13] 整体衰退zhěngtǐ shuāituì - Collapse/fail completely

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