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中国外交部(China's Ministry of Foreign Affairs)发言人[1]刘为民(Liu Weimin)在发布会上表示,中方鼓励叙利亚(Syria)政府信守停火[2]、撤军[3],配合安南(Kofi Annan)特使[4]的斡旋[5]努力,从而推动叙问题的政治解决[6]进程。



Spokesperson of China's Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Liu Weimin, said in a press conference that China is encouraging the Syrian government to maintain the cease fire and to withdraw troops, in accordance with the mediation efforts of the envoy sent by Kofi Annan, thereby promoting a political resolution for Syria's problem.

Syrian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has stated in recent days that it demands a clear assurance that opposition rebels will cease-fire and that foreign countries will not offer military support to the rebels. Yet Annan calls for Syria to fulfill its promises completely.

Liu Weimin added that the Syrian problem is very complicated and China hopes that the international community remains patient and gives significant time for Annan's special envoy. China believes that only through dialogue between the Syrian government and the opposition may the problems resolve in an appropriate manner.

[1] 发言人 fāyánrén - Spokeperson

[2] 停火 tínghuǒ - Cease fire

[3]撤军 chèjūn - Withdraw troops

[4] 特使 tèshǐ - Special envoy

[5] 斡旋 wòxuán - Mediate

[6] 政治解决 zhèngzhì jiějué - Political resolution

[7] 反对派 fǎnduìpài - Opposition party

[8] 援助 yuánzhù - Support (here referring to military aid)

[9] 书面保证 shūmiàn bǎozhèng - Clear assurance, assurance in black & white

[10] 履行承诺 lǚxíng chéngnuò - Fulfill promise

[11] 国际社会 guójìshèhuì - International community

[12] 妥善 tuǒshàn - Proper