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In the last few days, China is reporting continuously about the training of astronauts for the Shenzhou-9 spacecraft that will launch later this year. The new intriguing detail is the inclusion of two women, who are expected to be the first Chinese female presence in space.

广东科协(Guangdong Association of Science & Technology)邀请了著名的空间技术[1]专家,神舟号飞船[2]总设计师[3]戚发轫做"航天[4]技术与中国航天"的报告。戚发轫透露,神九(Shen 9, the Shenzhou-9 spacecraft)飞船将载三名航天员[5]上空,可能有两名女航天员。现在已经有两名女航天员在接受训练,考核[6]通过的话,可以担任神九上空的航天员,她们将成为我国首批飞上太空的女宇航员[7]。神舟九号计划在今年6~8月份发射[8],在太空工作10天。


Guangdong Association of Science & Technology invited expert for space technology and chief architect of the Shenzhou airship Qi Faren to give a report on "Space technology and Chinese aerospace". Qi Faren revealed that the Shen-9 airship will carry three astronauts to space, including perhaps two women astronauts. At present, there are two women astronauts who are already undergoing training. If they pass examination, they could take the post of astronauts on the Shen-9, becoming the first Chinese women astronauts to travel to space.

Shen-9 is planned to take off between June and August this year, and then fly 10 days in space. Qi Faren said that at this moment the Chinese aerospace has two big problems: one is whether China wants to land on the moon or not. He said that according to the level of China's technology, everything is more or less prepared, but on the national (governmental) level a project has yet to be established. Another question is whether to set up a power station for solar energy. The current problem is how to transport the electricity to earth. But no matter how, 'we will certainly accomplish these objectives.'

Original article published by 信息时报

[1] 空间技术 kōngjiān jìshù - Space technology

[2] 飞船 fēichuán - Airship, spacecraft

[3] 首任总设计师 shǒurèn zǒng shèjìshī - Chief architect

[4] 航天 hángtiān - Aerospace

[5] 航天员 hángtiānyuán - Space flight staff, astronauts

[6] 考核 kǎohé - Examination, check

[7] 宇航员 yǔhángyuán - Astronaut

[8] 发射 fāshè - Launch, take off

[9] 太阳能 tàiyángnéng - Solar energy

[10]发电站 fādiàn zhàn - Power station