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上海比萨店开业号称“法租界新店”, 店方道歉 - A Shanghai Pizzeria used the term 'French Concession' in the address of its business and later apologized print version
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Shanghai's British owned Pizza Marzano has made an innocent yet fatal mistake in its advertisement, using a term that is familiar to foreigners in the city but a sensitive issue for Chinese...         

近日,一家位于上海(Shanghai)徐汇区(Xuhui district)永嘉路(Yongjia road)的比萨(pizza)餐厅向顾客宣传新店开张[1],在写明餐厅地址的同时,竟还添加上了"法租界[2]新店"的字样。一些顾客非常气愤,表示无法理解餐厅如此宣传殖民文化[3]。

1920年,上海法租界在辖区[4]内修筑了道路, 1943年,道路被改名为永嘉路并沿用至今[5]。"法租界"这一殖民时期的词汇被人们遗忘,而如今却出现在广告词里面。



In recent days, a pizza restaurant located in Shanghai's Yongjia road in Xuhui district has publicly propagated its new restaurant, writing that the new place is in the 'French Concession'. Some customers were terribly angry, not understanding how the restaurant could publish colonization culture.

In 1920, Shanghai's French district constructed a road under its jurisdiction, which in 1943 was called Yongjia road, its name until today. The name 'French Concession' of the colonization period is already forgotten by residents, but now it appears on the restaurant's advertisements again.

The marketing department of this pizza restaurant published an official response to this matter yesterday morning, announcing that the advertisement address title used 'French Concession' mistakenly and it regrets this deeply. The restaurant announced that after receiving customers' complaints it removed all the advertisement sheets within two hours.

The restaurant explained that since it is an English company (the management team is mostly English), it is not very familiar with Chinese culture and it truly apologizes for using wrong words and offending the sentiments of Chinese people.

Original article published by 上海青年报 

[1] 开张 - Open a business

[2] 法租界 fǎ zū jiè - 'The French Concession', referring to an area that was under French jurisdiction in from 1849 to 1943.

[3] 殖民文化 zhímín wénhuà - Colonization culture

[4] 辖区 xiá qū - Area under one's jurisdiction

[5] 沿用至今 yányòng zhìjīn - Still in use until today

[6] 市场部 shìchǎng bù - Department of marketing

[7] 标题 biāotí - Title

[8]深感抱歉 shēngǎn bàoqiàn - Deeply apologize, regret

[9] 投诉 tóusù - Complaints

[10] 宣传单 xuānchuán dān - Advertisement sheets

[11]撤除 chèchú - Withdraw, remove

[12] 管理团队 guǎnlǐ tuánduì - Management team

[13] 冒犯 mào fàn - Offend

[14] 民族情绪 mínzú qíngxù - Ethnic sentiments

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