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Bile is a digestive juice of Asian Black Bears that is used by Traditional Chinese Medicine. Guizhentang, a pharmaceutical company that grows bears for such purpose is recently receiving great attention for going public in the Shenzhen stock exchange. A petition of celebrities and animal protection organization is trying to prevent such act.

"活熊取胆"[1]的福建(Fujian province)归真堂(Guizhentang)要上市[2],招致[3]社会各界的强烈反对。动物保护公益基金会[4]"它基金" (Beijing Loving Animal Foundation)联名毕淑敏、崔永元、陈丹青、丁俊晖等72位知名人士[5]向中国证监会(China Securities Regulatory Commission)信访办[6]递交吁请函[7],反对归真堂上市。目前,第二轮签名征集仍在进行中。


"它基金"(Beijing Loving Animal Foundation)第二轮签名征集的微博(Weibo microblog)转发已经超过4200次。

The Fujian province Guizhentang pharmaceutical company known for 'bear bile farming' is about to go on market (IPO), a move which is receiving strong objection from all circles of society. The animal protection fund "Beijing Loving Animal Foundation" has recruited Bi Shumin, Cui Yongyuan, Chen Danqing, Ding Junhui and altogether 72 celebrities to address the complaint office of China Securities Regulatory Commission, delivering a petition that objects Guizhentang's IPO. At present, the second round of petition (signature collection) is being proceeded.

The joint petition of the 72 celebrities states that the Chinese property policy is limiting the amount of wild animals used as medicine, while Guizhentang plans to enlarge the scope of bear breeding through the IPO funds.

Beijing Loving Animal Foundation's second round of petition has already exceeded 4200 signatures.

Original article published by 北京晚报 

[1] "活熊取胆" huó xióng qǔ dǎn - 'Live bear bile'

[2] 上市 shàngshì - Go on market, go on IPO

[3] 招致 zhāozhì - Recruit

[4]动物保护公益基金会 dòngwù bǎohù gōng yì jījīnhuì - Animal protection fund

[5] 知名人士 zhīmíngrénshì - Celebrities

[6] 信访办 xìn fǎng bàn - Complaint office

[7] 吁请函 yù qǐng hán - Petition letter

[8] 产业政策 chǎnyè zhèngcè - Property policy

[9] 野生动物 yěshēngdòngwù - Wild animals

[10] 入药 rù yào - Used for medicine

[11] 融资 róng zī - Funds