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山西多家幼儿园风行皮纹测智力 - Many kindergartens in Shanxi offer palm-reading to forecast childrens' intelligence print version
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A new story has led to extensive discussions in China: Kindergartens are using expensive palm-reading techniques to forecast children's cognitive abilites. This methods combines traditional beliefs with the modern 'scientific' focus on child development. The high cost of this test is also intensifying the controversy.

山西省(Shanxi province)多家幼儿园[1]向家长[2]收取1,200元,作为一种"皮纹测试"[3]的费用。他们称这种测试可以预测[4]出孩子的智力[5]和潜能[6]。


负责推广该技术[7]的山西道蒙文化传播有限公司('Daomeng Culture Spreading' company)表示,这种测试有助于测出孩子的先天[8]智能和潜能。


Many kindergartens in Shanxi province has collected 1,200RMB from parents for a "skin lines analysis" (palm reading) of children. The kindergarten said that this kind of test can forecast children's intelligence and potential. It is said that this test can be applied for children over three month of age.

'Daomeng Culture Spreading Company' which is responsible for this technique has announced that this method can help assessing kids' intelligence and wisdom at a very young age.

Nevertheless, some experts strongly oppose this technique. One expert said that "this method is left to be examined and proven."

Original article published by Xinhua News Agency

[1] 幼儿园 yòuéryuán - Kindergarten

[2] 家长 jiāzhǎng - Head of household, parents

[3] "皮纹测试" píwén cèshì - 'Skin-lines examination'; a technique of palm reading.

[4] 预测 yùcè - Forecast

[5] 智力 zhìlì - Intelligence

[6] 潜能 qián néng - Potential

[7] 技术 jìshù - Technique

[8] 先天 xiāntiān - Early age

[9] 专家 zhuānjiā - Experts

[10] 驳斥 bóchì - Reject, oppose

[11] 论证 lùnzhèng - Examine and prove

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