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海南春节旅游成投诉重点 - Hainan Island became a target of tourist complaints this Spring Festival print version
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今年春节(Spring Festival)期间海南(Hainan island)游客接待量[1]和旅游收入[2]均大幅上涨,旅游收入42.63亿元,同比增长[3]61.32%。同时,海南旅游业暴露出的问题也不少。今年春节期间多位网友[4]在微博上表示海南收费不合理[5],餐饮、住宿、交通[6]等收费价格过高。

1月28日,有网友在微博(Weibo, China's leading microblogging service)上发布消息称,朋友春节假期在三亚(Sanya, a tourist town in Hainan)吃海鲜[7],三个普通的菜居然近4000元,该[8]很快引起热议。此事已引起市政府[9]主要领导的重视,并指出要深入调查。



In this Spring Festival the tourist number and tourism income in Hainan island has increased substantially (tourism income is 4263 million RMB, a growth of 61.32%). At the same time, Hainan tourism industry is also facing quite a few problems. At this Spring Festival, many netizens have posted on their Weibo account (China's leading microblogging service) that Hainan is collecting charges irrationally, and that food, accommodation and transports are overly expensive.

On January 28, a netizen posted information on their Weibo, stating that a friend ate seafood in Sanya, paying almost 4000RMB for three dishes. This post has immediately stirred up high debates. High personnel of the Sanya city government also attach importance to the incident, saying that this will be investigated thoroughly.

During Spring Festival an average of 1232RMB is paid to spend a night in Haikou (capital of Hainan), while at Sanya the price reaches 2150RMB.

Since it is China's only tropical island (at province level), Hainan attracts numerous tourists annually to pass the holidays. As a leading location in China's tourism circuit, prices rise substantially, making Hainan even more expensive than a travel abroad.

[1] 游客接待量 yóukè jiēdài liàng - Tourist quota

[2] 旅游收入 lǚyóu shōurù - Tourism income

[3]同比增长 tóng bǐ zēngzhǎng - A growth compared (to the previous year)

[4] 网友 wǎngyǒu - Netizen, internet user

[5] 不合理 bùhélǐ - Irrational

[6] 餐饮、住宿、交通 cānyǐn 、 zhùsù 、 jiāotōng - Food & drings, accommodation, transportation

[7] 海鲜 hǎixiān - Seafood

[8] 帖 tiě - Internet post

[9] 市政府 shìzhèng fǔ - Municipal government

[10] 过夜 guò yè - Pass a night

[11] 热带岛屿 rèdài dǎoyǔ - Tropical island

[12] 度假 dùjià - Pass the holidays

[13] 旅游线路 lǚyóu xiànlù - Tourism circuit

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