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世界最高的速降项目在广州塔迎客 - The world's highest falling-ride is open in Guangzhou Tower print version
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世界最高最刺激[1]的速降项[2]18日在广州塔(Guangzhou Tower (or Canton Tower) an observation needle tower in a height of 600m, located in Guangzhou)迎客[3]。广州塔速降座椅[4]相比之前世界最高的拉斯维加斯 (Las Vegas amusement park)还要高出150米。在484米高空自由落体运动[5]30多米,带来一种疯狂玩乐的体验。


近日,广州塔官方[9]微博(Weibo, China's most popular micro-blogging service)也发出了预告[10]:"世界最高最刺激的速降项目于1月18日正式迎客!是英雄[11]?挑战[12]过后即刻知道!"速降座椅单价[13]为130元。

The world's highest and most breathtaking falling-ride was opened for visitors in Guangzhou Tower. Compared to the former world's highest building-falling-ride, the in Las-Vegas amusement park, Guangzhou Tower fast falling ride is higher by 150m. At a height of 484m, a free falling ride of more than 30m brings about a frantic fun experience.

In the two sides of the vehicle there are two sets of chairs, divided into standing and sitting rides. The standing seats can take 6 people, while the sitting can take 4.

Recently, the Guangzhou government has also put an announcement in advance on the Weibo: "The world's highest and most exciting falling ride will be formally open on January 18! Are you a hero? After taking the challenge you will immediately find out!" The fast-dropping ride costs 130 RMB.


Original article published by 新快报

[1] 刺激 cìjī - Stimulation, exciting

[2] 速降项目 sù jiàng xiàngmu - Fast falling item

[3] 迎客 yíng kè - Welcome visitors, open for business

[4] 座椅 zuò yǐ - Seat

[5] 自由落体运动 zìyóu luòtǐ yùndòng - Free falling movement

[6] 桅杆 wéi gān - Vehicle, wagon (here referring to the vehicle of the amusement ride)

[7] 站立式 zhànlì shì - Standing fashion

[8] 坐式 zuò shì - Sitting fashion

[9] 官方 guānfāng - Government

[10] 预告 yùgào - Announcement in advance

[11] 英雄 yīngxióng - Hero

[12] 挑战 tiǎozhàn - Undertake a challenge

[13] 单价 dān jià - Single ticket price

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