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China's Central Television announced today that Chen Yixun will participate in this year's New Year Gala (January 22), singing together with Wang Fei.

According to the report by CCTV, Wang Fei is performing this time because she endorses the theme subject of this Dragon year eve 'returning home to celebrate the 'big' year'. This theme has touched Wang Fei, and after many talks between her and CCTV, Wang approved aligning with the Dragon Year celebration.

In the night of the Rabbit Year (last year), Wang Fei performed the song 'Chuan Qi' (legend, romance), leaving a deep impression on the audience. This has also laid a solid foundation for Wang's comeback in 2011.

The directing group of the New Year's Gala said that in this year's live broadcast, Wang won't sing solo again, but rather perform a duet with Chen Yixun, singing 'Yinwei Aiqing' ('because of love').

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Wang Fei's performance of 'Chuan Qi' in the 2011 New Year Gala

[1] 央视 yāngshì - China's Central Television, CCTV

[2] 春晚 chūnwǎn - 'Spring night', the Chinese New Year's Eve, also signifying the CCTV New Year's Gala: A national TV entertainment show, broadcasted on the night of the Chinese New Year and viewed by hundreds of millions spectators

[3] 登台 dēng tái - Go on stage, perform

[4] 龙年 lóngnián - Dragon Year; the next Chinese year is the year of the Dragon, beginning on January 23rd

[5] 大年 dà nián - 'Big year'; a nickname for the Dragon Year, which is very significant in Chinese culture

[6] 复出 fù chū - Comeback. Here referring to Wang Fei's comeback in 2011, after years of no performance

[7] 导演 dǎoyǎn - Director (of a movie, show, etc)

[8] 直播 zhíbō - Live broadcast

[9] 独唱 dúchàng - Sing alone, solo

[10] 合唱 héchàng - Sing together, duet