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广州一对富商生八胞胎引起热议 - A rich Guangzhou couple gave birth to 8 babies, stirring up hot debates print version
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广州(Guangzhou province)一对富商[1]夫妇结婚多年,无法生育[2],去年借助试管婴儿[3]技术成功做出8个胚胎[4],随后,他们找来两个代孕妈妈[5],通过妈妈本人怀3个,2个代孕者各自怀3个,先后生下4男4女八个孩子。富商夫妇专门请了11个保姆[6]负责照顾孩子,每月开销10多万元。



A rich married couple from Guangzhou province has been married for many years, unable to have children. Last year, aided by test-tube birth technology, they managed to produce 8 embryos. Later, they found two surrogate mothers. Through the biological mother's pregnancy they gave birth to two, while each surrogate mother had 3 babies, successively giving birth to 4 male and 4 female, altogether 8 babies. The rich couple has hired 11 nursemaids to take care of the children, spending more than 100,000 RMB monthly.

Some netizens who have witnessed the 'miracle' of the 8 babies have sighed with emotion: 'With money, everything can be achieved'. Some people calculated the couple's expenses, from cultivating the test-tube embryo until to the money given to the surrogate mothers, adding medical treatment and birth expenses, reaching approximately 1000,000 RMB.

What is astonishing is that the term 'surrogate mothers' can be now found on the internet, as search query brings about numerous relevant information, and the law regulations are practically non-existing. Three 'mothers' having 8 babies is still considered 'single child'? This doesn't conform to basic national policies and relevant departments must step forward and give the public an explanation. There are many rich people in the Chinese society, if they see this incident and no punishment is given, then they will be encouraged to do the same.

Original article published by 光明网

[1] 富商 fù shāng - Rich merchants, rich

[2] 生育 shēngyù - Give birth

[3] 试管婴儿 shì guǎn yīngér - Test-tube baby

[4] 胚胎 pēi tāi - Embryo

[5] 代孕妈妈 dài yùn māma - Surrogate mother

[6] 保姆 bǎomǔ - Nursemaid

[7] 奇迹 qíjì - Miracle

[8] 生产 shēngchǎn - Produce, give birth

[9] 诧异 chàyì - Astonish

[10] 搜索sōusuǒ - Internet search

[11] 形同 虚设 xíng tòng xū shè - Practically has no function

[12] 国策 guócè - National policy

[13] 处罚 chǔfá - Punish

[14] 效仿 xiào fǎng - Copy, do the same

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