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中国船长承认刺死韩国海警 - Chinese captain admits killing Korean coast guard policeman print version
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On December 12, Korean coast guard policeman Li Qing was stabbed by Chinese fisherman captain Cheng Dawei, as the Korean police was inspecting boats in the sea near the city of Incheon. The area has known several sensitive events between Chinese fishermen and Korean authorities in the past years, this one ending by a confession of captain Cheng Dawei, who is waiting to be brought to court.     

负责调查中国渔民[1]"杀害"韩国(South Korean)海警(sea police)事件的仁川海洋(Incheon Sea, South Korea)警察,对中国船长[2]程大伟(Cheng Dawei)实施了现场取证[3]。程大伟12月19日上午10时抵达停泊在仁川海的中国渔船"鲁文渔"号,重演[4]了犯罪当时的场面[5]。他在重演过程中常常回答海警的提问,说"警察官(李清好)打了一下我的头","我拿着凶器[6]喊‘不要过来'"。



The Korean Incheon sea policemen, responsible for investigating Chinese fishermen in the incident of murder of Korean sea policemen, have collected evidence from Chinese captain Cheng Dawei. On the 19th 10 am, Cheng Dawei arrived at the Chinese fishing boat 'Lu Wen Yu', which is anchoring in the Incheon sea, where he re-acted the crime scene. During the reenact he frequently replied policemen's questions, saying 'the police officer (Li Qinghao) had hit my head', 'I took a weapon and shouted 'don't come near''.

Since Cheng Dawei had already admitted committing the crime before the evidence collecting, the police investigation focused on the specific details of the 'crime location and event'. After 30 minutes of collecting evidence at the site, Cheng Dawei said: "Because my fault has caused the death of one police officer, and the injury of another, I feel extremely sorry."

Incheon Sea police express that the incident in which Cheng Dawei 'stabbed Korean sea policeman Li Qinghao with a weapon' has already been verified, yet it is remained to confirm the details whether the crime took place when Li Qinghao had entered the driving cabin or after a fight. An investigation of this part shall continue.  

Original article published by 环球时报

[1] 渔民 yúmín - Fishermen

[2] 船长 chuán zhǎng - Captian

[3] 现场取证 xiànchǎng qǔ zhèng - Evidence collecting in the scene

[4] 重演 chóng yǎn - Reenact, repeat a scene

[5] 场面 chǎngmiàn - Scene

[6] 凶器 xiōng qì - Criminal weapon

[7] 刺死 cì sǐ - Stab to death

[8] 驾驶舱 jiàshǐcāng - Driver cabin

[9] 搏斗 bódòu - Fight, battle

[10] 有待 yǒudài - Remain

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