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升学率成为教育领域的GDP,中小学生近八成睡眠不足 - The rate of students entering high school has become the 'GDP' of the education realm, 80% of primary-middle schools students lack sufficent sleep print version
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针对当前中小学[1]教育中存在学生负担[2]重、国务院(China's State Council)在择校[3]主办了"为了孩子健康快乐成长"教育论坛[4]。教育部(Ministry of Education)基础教[5]巡视员[6]朱慕菊(Zhu Muju)表示,我国高考[7]招生制度[8]、中考[9]招生制度都具有激烈的竞争。


北京师范大学教育学部党委书记(CP Secretary of the Department of Education in Beijing Normal University)、教授褚宏启(Chu Hongqi)表示,由于过度追求升率,中小学生课业[15]负担过重,身心健康受到严重损害[16],睡眠也严重不足。

据中国青少年研究中心(China Youth & Children Research Center)今年发布的报告表明,近年来,我国中小学生睡眠时间[17]持续减少,其中近八成[18]睡眠不足。报告显示,2010年,中小学生在学习日的平均睡眠为7小时37分,比2005年减少了1小时22分,在周末的平均睡眠为7小时49分,比2005年减少了1小时47分。

In an action directed at the existing pressures felt by primary and middle school pupils, the State Council has organized an education forum activity titled 'for the happy healthy growing up of children' in chosen schools. Inspector of elementary education of the Ministry of Education, Zhu Muju, said that the admission systems of the College Entrance Exam (gao kao) and Middle School Exams (zhong kao) bring about intense competition.

The proportions of students entering higher education has become the 'GDP' of the education realm (that is to say, teachers, schools and the entire system is judged by student achievements). Any aspect that its education value cannot be numerically measured, such as health, ethics, personality, world view and value system is easily neglected. Zhu believes that harmful competition is reflected in the system level, policy level and management level. Therefore, in order to transform this harmful competition, the government should systematically interfere and solve the problem.

CP secretary of the Department of education in Beijing Normal University, professor Chu Hongqi, says that because of the excessive pursue of 'higher rates' (in terms of overall student achievements), schoolwork burden of primary and middle school students is too heavy, the health of body and mind is seriously harmed and sleep time is significantly not enough.

According to a report of China Youth & Children Research Center (CYCRC), in recent years, the sleeping time of Chinese primary and middle school students is continuously decreasing, with 80% of pupils lacking sufficient sleep time. The report shows that in 2010, the average daily sleep time for primary-middle school students was 7 hours and 37 minutes, a reduction of an hour and 22 minutes compared to 2005. In weekends, the average daily sleep time is 7:49, a reduction of an hour 47.

Original article published by 新京报

[1] 中小学 zhōng-xiǎo xué - Primary and middle school

[2] 学生负担 xuésheng fùdān - Student burden (emotional and study load)

[3] 择校 zé xiào - Chosen schools

[4]教育论坛 jiàoyù lùntán - Education 'forum'/activity/symposium

[5] 基础教 jīchǔ jiào - Foundation education

[6] 巡视员 xúnshì yuán - Inspector

[7] 高考 gāokǎo - 'College Entrance Exam', the exam taken in the end of high-school, which affects the high-education possibilities of a youngster

[8]招生制度 zhāoshēng zhìdù - Admission system

[9] 中考 zhōngkǎo - Middle school exam, an exam that determines the high school prospects of a student

[10] 升学率 shēngxué lù - Rate of students entering high school

[11] 分数衡量 fēnshù héngliang - Measurement with numbers

[12] 教育价值 jiàoyù jiàzhí - Education value

[13]体制层面、政策层面、管理制度层 tǐzhì céng miàn 、 zhèngcè céng miàn 、 guǎnlǐ zhìdù céng - System level, policy level and management level

[14] 扭转 niǔzhuǎn - Change, turn around

[15] 课业 kèyè - Schoolwork

[16] 损害 sǔnhài - Harm

[17] 睡眠时间 shuìmián shíjiān - Sleeping time

[18] 八成 bā chéng - 80%

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