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The Nanjing Police has thought of a creative and effective way to raise public awareness of wanted criminals; the 'sanguo sha' (Three Kingdoms Killers) is a card game, borrowing the format of popular card games involving the characters of the epic 'Three Kingdoms' historical novel. This new format of 'orders for arrest' is raising eyebrows and amusing numerous Chinese nation-wide.




2、挑选武将[9]。首先分发 "曹操"、"刘备"、"孙权"[10],和另外随机抽取的武将牌。




'Three Kingdoms Murderers' is an extremely popular game. Nanjing police is creatively publishing orders for arrest through the 'Three Kingdoms Murderers' game, 'chasing' criminals who are wanted by law. These unique orders for arrest are catching the attention of numerous people, and have the advantage of making everyone remember the appearance of wanted criminals.

'Three Kingdoms Murderers' game regulations:
  1. Randomly giving each player an 'identity card'.
  2. Selecting a 'military officer'; first giving the cards of 'Cao Cao', 'Liu Bei' and 'Sun Quan', and then dividing the remaining 'military officers'.
  3. Dividing cards of 'physical strength'.
  4. Dividing the starting cards to each player's hand, randomly giving 4 cards to each player.
Original article published by 中国江苏网 jschina.com.cn

[1]三国杀 sānguó shā - 'Three Kingdoms Murderers', a card game, based on the game with the characters of the 'Three Kingdoms' historical novel, combining characters who are wanted criminals in Nanjing

[2] 游戏 yóuxì - Game

[3] 警方 jǐngfāng - Police

[4] 创意 chuàng yì - Creative

[5] 通缉令 tōngjī ling - Order for arrest

[6] 面貌 miànmào - Appearance, looks

[7] 玩家 wán jiā - Player

[8] 身份牌 shēnfèn pái - 'Identity card'

[9] 武将 wǔjiàng - Military officer

[10] "曹操"、"刘备"、"孙权" cáo cào, liú bèi, sūn quán - Cao Cao, Liu Bei (founder of Han kingdom), Sun Quan (king of Wu) - three of the most celebrated historical characters of the Three Kingdoms era.

[11] 体力牌 tǐlì pái - 'Physical strength card'