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On October 26, Liu Dongmei was giving birth, after 8 months of pregnancy. As the baby seemed to be breathless, he was assumed dead, hence the baby was bagged and discarded. After 30 minutes, family members found the baby breathing in the restroom. At present, the baby is receiving treatment, the parents are trying to contain their anger, and the hospital is dealing with a huge embarrassment of the 'dead baby incident'.

佛山南海区红十字会医院(Nanhai Red-Cross Hospital, Foshan city, Guangdong province)4日发公开[1]致歉[2],向患者[3]、家属及公众道歉,并表示愿意承担相应责任。但弃婴[4]家属不满院方处理,拒收医院赔偿[5]。



事件中包括妇产科(department of gynecology)主任、医生、护士[10]和助理护士四名直接责任人,被停职[11]。不过家属说,这四人到3日仍然在上班,他们向院方商谈后才作停职处分,质疑院方反应迟缓。


A hospital official trying to reach the sad heart of mother Liu Dongmei

Nanhai Red-Cross Hospital, Foshan city (Guangdong province) has published an open letter apology on November 4, addressed to the patient's family and the public, expressing the hospital's willingness to take responsibility for the incident. However, the family of the infant who was abandoned is not satisfied of the way the hospital is dealing with the incident, and refuse to accept the compensation offered by the hospital.

The parents said that they cannot accept the attitude of the hospital, as it is dealing with this case, and have refused to accept an 8000 yuan 'mental compensation'. Now the key is guaranteeing the health of the infant and providing the parents an acceptable explanation.

The open letter issued by the hospital, and given to the media, points out that the hospital is dealing with the relevant working personnel with severe measures. The hospital is taking responsibility and strengthening the training of medical personnel.

This incident includes four working personnel from the department of gynecology; the department head, a doctor, a nurse and an assistant-nurse, who were all directly responsible and thus are suspended. Still, the infant's family said that these four people were still working until November 3, and were suspended only after the family has asked about it, therefore the response of the hospital was sluggish. 

Concerning the incident of abandoning the infant, nurses and guards at the Nanhai Red-Cross Hospital all know nothing about the case (or are keeping their mouth shut), and reporters cannot enter the section were the infant is hospitalized.

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[1] 公开信 gōngkāixìn - Open letter

[2]致歉 zhìqiàn - Apologize

[3] 患者 huànzhě - Patient

[4] 弃婴 qìyīng - Abandoned infant

[5] 赔偿 péicháng - Compensate

[6] 神损失费 jinshén sǔnshī fèi - 'Spirit loss expenses'; compensation for one's sorrow and mental 'damage'

[7] 传媒 chuánméi - Communication media

[8] 严肃处理 yánsù chǔlǐ - Deal with severely

[9] 人员培训 rényuán péixùn - Training/cultivation of workers

[10] 护士 hùshi - Nurse

[11] 停职 tíngzhí - Suspend

[12] 一问三不知 yī wèn sānbù zhī - Know nothing about something, or are keeping one's mouth shut