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After the successful docking in orbit of the two unmanned Chinese spacecrafts: Shenzhou 8 and the test module Tiangong 1, China has symbolized the latest accomplishments with the initiation of an original post office in Beijing's Space City. Through this office, mail with zip code 901001 can be sent to astronauts, though this office is mainly a center of cellectors' items and a festive patriotic display. 

3日上午10点,中国邮政(China Post)太空邮局开通仪式[1]在北京航天城[2]举行。11月3日凌晨1点36分,神舟八号 (Shenzhou 8)飞船与天宫一号(Tiangong 1)飞行器成功实现中国首次空间交会对接,标志着中国完全掌握了载人航天[3]天地往返运输。





November 3rd, 10 am; the initiation ceremony for China's 'space post office' by China Post was held in Beijing 'Space City'. At 1:36 in the morning, November 3rd, the number Shenzhou 8 spacecraft and the orbiting Tiangong 1 test module flying machine have successfully accomplished China's first space docking, marking China's completion of manned aerospace transport between earth and space.

The 'space post office' is adopting the management model of 'integration of real and virtual'. The actual post office is set up in Beijing aerospace town, while the virtual post office is installed in the manned aerospace flying machine. At present, the services opened are international mainland mail and stamp collection.

The 'space post office' provides postal service with the theme of aerospace, issuing national-level post-products with the aerospace motifs, satisfying the public need of collecting and, at the same time, creating a platform of science education.

In order to mark the accomplishment of the Shenzhou 8  and Tiangong 1, China Post has issued special commemoratives envelopes and stamped envelopes.

Original article published by 中国网 news.china.com.cn 

[1] 开通仪式 kāi tòng yíshì - Initiation/opening ceremony

[2] 航天城 hángtiān chéng - Space City, here referring to Beijing Space City, the major technological center for space research and development in the capital

[3] 载人航天 zǎirén hángtiān - Manned spacecraft

[4] "虚实结合" xūshí jiéhé - Virtual-real integration

[5] 经营模式 jīngyíng móshì - Management model

[6] 集邮 jíyóu - Stamp collecting

[7] 国家级 guójiā jí - National level

[8] 邮品 yóu pǐn - Post items

[9] 收藏 shōucáng - Collecting

[10] 科普教育 kēpǔ jiàoyù - Popular science education

[11] 纪念封 jìniàn fēng - Commemoratives envelopes

[12] 邮资信封 yóu zī xìnfēng - Stamped envelopes