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同性恋男女结婚,想生对双胞胎一人一个 - Man and woman homosexuals have married, wanting to give birth to twins; each side would keeping one child print version
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The following story is not headline news, but is still an interesting tale that introduces some novel phenomena of modern life in China. 





Mr. Wang and Ms. Zhang are both homosexuals. In order to have children, they have married and agreed to 'cooperate': They would give birth to twins - One child for each person. Ultimately, their plan didn't succeed and the husband, Mr. Wang, filed a divorce in court. Mr. Wang said that after marriage, Ms. Zhang became pregnant through a medical procedure. The examination showed it is a single child, so the 'one child for each' plan couldn't be realized. Therefore, Mr. Wang suggested to Ms. Zhang that they would stop the cooperation of marriage and child bearing.

However, Ms. Zhang promised that the husband will raise the born child, while she would raise the second child, who she would gave birth to two years later. She and the husband would evenly undertake child raising expenses. As this promised was made, Mr. Wang agreed to continue carry out the agreement.

In April this year, Ms. Zhang gave birth to a child overseas, but she was reluctant to fulfill the promise that the child returns and raised by the husband and planned to bring the child back to China by herself. She has also told the husband's parents that Wang is homosexual, leading to their illness and hospitalization. Mr. Zhang was very dissatisfied, filing for a divorce. Ms. Zhang admits that she had met Wang through the internet. Since both sides wanted a child, and both sides are gay, she agreed to marry him and give birth. Only after the child was born overseas, she understood that in order to have a Chinese citizenship the child must live five years in China. Therefore she brought the child back to the homeland.

Now the child is still very young, so she doesn't want to divorce. After hearing the case, the court believes that within a year after the child is born the husband must not ask to divorce. A year has yet to pass, so Wang's request isn't in accord with the legal decision. His case was overruled.   

Original article published by 京华时报

[1] 同性恋 tóngxìngliàn - Homosexual, gay

[2] 登记结婚 dēngjì jiéhūn - Register marriage, get married

[3] 双胞胎 shuāngbāotāi - Twins

[4]一人一个 yī rén yīgè - One for each person

[5] 起诉 qǐsù - Sue, file a legal case

[6] 离婚 líhūn - Divorce

[7] 受孕 shòu yùn - Get pregnant

[8] 单胎 dān tāi - Single child (as opposed to twins)

[9] 生育费用 shēngyù fèiyòng - Child raising expenses

[10] 公婆 gōngpó - Husband's father and mother

[11] 住院 zhùyuàn - Hospitalize

[12] 国籍 guójí - Nationality

[13] 审理 shěnlǐ - Hear a legal case

[14] 驳回 bóhuí - Overrule, reject

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