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Dairy farmers in Heilongjiang province have been accusing the Swiss enterprise Nestle of cheating: Paying less than standard milk prices and manipulating the volume of milk purchased. The monopoly of Nestle in this region enabled it to get away with such conducts. Now the issue is being examined and discussed throughout China, including the following article.

 新华社(Xinhua News Agency)一篇关于黑龙江双城(Shuangcheng city, Heilongjiang province)雀巢(Nestle)公司克扣[1]奶农[2]的报道,引发了社会各界的热议。为什么雀巢会常年的克扣奶农?业内人士称,出现这种问题是因为雀巢的"企业+奶农"模式[3],在当前原材料[4]价格高的情况下,雀巢为了转移成本[5]压力,才会出现压低[6]奶价格、克扣奶农的现象。 奶农多年被克扣已成"公开秘密"[7]。

昨天有媒体报道,黑龙江第一养牛大市双城市的奶源[8]被双城雀巢公司所垄断[9]。多年来,雀巢公司用多种方式克扣奶农。雀巢表示,雀巢没有垄断,他们正在与政府讨论这个问题,希望找到一种方法,可以继续保持双城的成功性。据第一财经日报(Business Times - businesstimes.com.hk)报道,玉米(corn)、大豆(tofu)成本的变高,奶价也变高,雀巢与奶农之间的利益冲突[10]开始爆发。

A Xinhua Net report about the cheating of dairy farmers by Nestle in Shuangcheng, Heilongjiang, has triggered hot discussions within all circles of society. How come the Nestle dairy enterprise can cheat the dairy farmers year after year? Enterprise personnel say that this problem is due to Nestle's 'business+dairy farming' model. As the cost of raw materials in the present is high, Nestle wanted to shift the pressure of cost in order to reduce milk price - Cheating dairy farmers. Farmers have been cheated for many years, making this already a 'secret that everyone knows of'.

Yesterday, media reported that dairy resources of cattle in Shuangcheng city, Heilongjiang province, is monopolized by the Nestle enterprise. Nestle is cheating dairy farmers in many ways. Nestle announced that it has no monopoly, and are currently discussing the problem with the government, hoping to find a way to ensure the continuation of the Shuangcheng success. According to a report by Business Times, prices of corn, tofu and other fodders went up, milk prices also rise, inducing the conflict of interests between Nestle and dairy farmers.

Original article published by 中国经营网 cb.com.cn

[1] 克扣 kè kòu - Cheat, embezzle

[2] 奶农 nǎi nóng - Dairy farming, dairy farmers

[3]模式 móshì - Model

[4] 原材料 yuáncáiliào - Raw materials

[5] 成本 chéngběn - Cost

[6] 压低 yādī - Lower

[7] "公开秘密" gōngkāi mìmì - 'Public secret', a 'secret' everybody knows about

[8] 奶源 nǎi yuán - Milk sources

[9] 垄断 lǒngduàn - Monopolize

[10] 利益冲突 lìyì chōngtū - Conflict of interests