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浙江严控重点人员出入境 防止企业老板出逃 - Zhejiang is controlling the border crossing of key personage, preventing enterprise managers from fleeing China print version
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The phenomenon of enterprise CEOs stealing money and leaving the country is becoming a major deal in China, especially in the rich Zhejiang province, where increased measures against such actions are currently initiated.

昨天下午浙江省(Zhejiang province)警方[1]向记者描述,据不完全统计,目前全省出逃境外[2]的老板有50人左右,被遣返[3]回国的有3人。目前浙江严格控制那些企图出逃的老板:边防[4]等有关部门严格监控出入境登记[5]手续,一遇到可疑人员就马上扣留[6]对方证件;对于出逃的,对其家属采取紧急措施。



Yesterday afternoon, the police of Zhejiang province explained to reporters, that according to incomplete statistics, there are about 50 Zhejiang enterprise managers who have flees the country, among whom 3 were repatriated and returned to China. At present, Zhejiang is strictly monitoring managers who attempt to flee China: Frontier defense and relevant departments are strictly inspecting the procedure of border exit and entrance registration. Once encountering suspicious personnel, documents of such personnel are immediately detained. Concerning those fleeing the country, emergency measures shall be taken against their families.

Yesterday, Zhejiang Police Criminal Investigation Division issued an early warning, the government announced to the media: "In the near future, the media and internet published about certain incidents in Wenzhou, of business failures and disappearance of enterprise managers, which have caught the attention of society. Dealing with this new situation, the police will continue to severely strike illegal activities of fund raising, the transfer of hidden property and other illegal activities.

When so much capital is lost, what can be done? If the manager returns, how will the huge debts paid back? According to what is understood, during this time, government and departments in the levels of province and city discuss together a repayment plan. The principle is not allowing the common people who borrowed money to suffer loss.

Original article published by 东南网

[1] 警方 jǐngfāng - Police

[2] 出逃境外 chū táo jìngwài - Flee out of the country     

[3] 遣返 qiǎnfǎn - Repatriate

[4] 边防 biānfáng - Frontier defense

[5] 出入境登记 chūrù jìng dēngjì - Exit and entrance registration

[6] 扣留 kòuliú - Detain

[7] 公安厅刑侦 gōngān tīng xíng zhēn - Police Criminal Investigation Division

[8] 预警 yùjǐng - Early warning

[9] 官方 guānfāng - Government

[10] 企业倒闭 qǐyè dǎobì - Business failure

[11] 企业主失踪 qǐyè zhǔ shīzōng - Disappearance of enterprise proprietor

[12] 非法 fēifǎ - Illegal

[13]集资 jízī - Fund raising

[14] 转移隐匿资产 zhuǎnyí yìn nì zīchǎn - Transfer of hidden capital

[15] 债务 zhàiwù - Debt

[16] 偿还 chánghuán - Repay

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