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"十一[1]"旅游黄金周[2]过了一半,延续了前两天的晴朗天气[3],全市旅游高峰[4]到来。10月4日,全市重点景区[5]共计接待215.79万人次[6],同比[7]增长8.7%。中心城区饭店平均出租率[8]71.2%,近郊[9]饭店平均出租率56.8%,远郊[10]饭店平均出租率52.9%。截止到下午3点,天安门广场(Tiananmen Square)接待游客40万人。

今年十一黄金周旅游人数大为增长。前四天全市重点的177个景区共计接待814.59万人次,同比增长17.6%。其中,故宫(the Forbidden City)接待41.04万人,颐和园(the Summer Palace)接待33.25万人,八达岭(Badaling Great Wall (a popular Great Wall site near Beijing))接待25.64万人。


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Golden Week crowds in Beijing and throughout the country; from top right and clockwise: Toursits in Badaling Great Wall, visitors in the port of Qingdao (Shandong), the Nanjing Sun Yat-sen Mausoleum at full capacity and wet travelers in Wuhan. Photos: CNSPHOTO
One half of the 'October 1st Golden Week' holiday has already passed, and as the sunny weather of the last two days continues, now is the peak of tourism in Beijing. On October 4th, the city's key tourist sites received an amount of 2,157,900 people (man-times), a growth of 8.7% compared to last year. Occupancy rate in city center hotels is 71.2%, in city suburb hotels it is 56.8% and in the outskirts it is 52.9%. Until 3 in the afternoon, Tiananmen Square received 400,000 people.

There is a notable increase in the number of travelers in this year's Golden Week. In the last four days, 177 key Beijing sites received a number of 8,145,900 people (man-times), a growth of 17.6% compared to last year. Among such sites, the Forbidden City received 410,400 visitors, the Summer Palace received 332,500 people and the Badaling Great Wall received 256,400 people.

Since a high number of tourists are coming to Beijing from outside the city during Golden Week, all the tourist sites have lengthen their opening hours. For example, Badaling Great Wall has a program of allowing visitors to climb the Great Wall at night, avoiding the situation of blocking crowds at the site. For the first time, the Ministry of Tourism is giving live updates on the numbers of tourists in the scenic spots through the TV and radio, allowing the townspeople to travel reasonably.

Original article published by 新京报 bjnews.com.cn 

[1]十一 shíyī - Short for October 1st (十一 means 10th (十) month 1st (一) day), the PRC independence day (guoqingjie 国庆节)

[2] 黄金周 huángjīn zhōu - Golden Week, name of each of the one week holidays implemented in China, the Spring Festival, and the October first National Day.

[3] 晴朗天气 qínglǎng tiānqì - Sunny weather

[4] 高峰 gāofēng  - Peak

[5] 景区 jǐng qū - Scenic sites

[6] 人次 rén cì - Man-times (number of visits to a tourist site)

[7] 同比 tòng bǐ

[8] 出租率 chūzū lù - Occupancy rate

[9] 近郊区 jìnjiāo qū - Suburbs

[10] 远郊区 yuàn jiāoqū - Outskirts

[11] 拥堵 yōng dǔ - Crowded and blocked

[12] 电视台 diànshìtái - Television

[13] 广播台 guǎngbō tái - Radio

[14] 市民 shìmín - Townspeople